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By daveh - Posted on 17 February 2012

I've only ever ridden Wingello for The Fling but am heading down to Kangaroo Valley for the weekend and the bike is coming. Is Wingello somewhere that you'd consider ok to ride solo? Getting around seems pretty easy and I have the supplies but want to make sure that it is not a silly idea. Is anyone thinking of heading to Wingello tomorrow at all? I know, post it and they will come but I'm not 100% sure that I'll be there if solo is not a god idea and also have no idea what time it may be as I am not wedded to being there at a specific time (we have no plans down there except to take it easy for a few days).

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The trails are all well marked and there is an information board with a map at the trail head.
Solo shouldn't be a problem if you are properly prepared. Telstra has good coverage there , not sure about the other networks.
Rode there 2 weeks ago.

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Thanks Floydo. I have the spares, mobile, first-aid kit, etc. so no worries there. Just didn't want to be one of those people that we all see on the news and ask "why did they go there on their own??"!

On a similar note, any suggestions for somewhere close to Kangaroo Valley that I could ride with my wife? She has the fitness but not really the skills or experience to handle anything too gnarly in terms of steep descents, technical single track, rock gardens, etc. I know Wingello has trails that would suit but thinking a solo blast out there as I would like to go with a little more pace and spend more time out there than would be tolerated!

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I've ridden Wingello solo and it's relatively easy to not get lost. A Telstra phone is always an advantage these days!

I'm also contemplating heading down from Sydney first thing tomorrow morning for a ride (solo). At this point, i'm keeping a very close eye on the weather forecast for Bowral (about 30kms away). It's forecast for thunderstorms overnight which might dampen my enthusiasm.

If it seems ok, i'll probably leave Sydney (inner west) at ~7:30ish, and get there at 9-9:30ish. Start on blue loop, then hit up the red, as i think the yellow is still truncated due to logging.

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Hi Dave, drop into Welby on your way there. Suitable for the missus and will keep you occupied as well.
There is a private track at Fitzroy falls if you talk to the guys at McGees bikes in Bowral you may get an invite - once again suitable for you and the missus - local club races on it - short and sweet track nothing knarly.
Also get the wife to drop you at the top of McPhails and do a run or two down - 8.5k down hill firetrail - one climb - not technical - just fast - just watch a couple of the quick corners the landing is a long way down. Takes about 25mins from top to bottom so doesnt waste a lot of your day.

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Had the extended family with me so wasn't able to stop at Welby but had a look online and it looks like fun. Ended up heading over to Wingello on Saturday afternoon. Besides the fact that the pub lunch in Kangaroo Valley wanted to make it's way out for the first few kms, I had a blast. It doesn't seem nearly as daunting when you're not 40 kms in, with 60 kms to go! Saw one other solo rider on the singletrack and there were a few family groups out on the fire-trails. Oh, and I can report that Optus has coverage in Wingello Forest as well.

BTW, did someone say recently that they did the red loop in 38 mins? Surely the rocket packs got in the way? I wasn't exactly trying to go for it but I wasn't being too tardy and there's no way I came close to that.

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I did the Yellow loop in 38mins.

Red loop is a very solid 60mins.

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My time on the red loop was about 67 minutes so I feel much better! Although I would not put it past some of you guys to rip up that loop on a good day.

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Thats a very good ride.

Hop onto the Wild Horizons website and check out the times for the 3 Ring Circus from last year. Although the course is slightly different (maybe 5mins quicker now without 'The Wall") it still puts you towards the front.

I love Wingello for the fact that you can go back there and repeatedly check your progress and training on a loop that keeps you working no matter how fit you are.

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Hey thats pretty quick Dave ,takes me 80 mins ,its a fun ride tho

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Thats also why some of us use strava!

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Strava rocks Smiling

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I was riding the Willo course on Sunday and we were doing 75min laps including stopping occasionally, not sure how much different the Willo course is from the Red Loop so yeah, guessing the Willo lap has a bit more singletrack? Last year in the race I was doing 70min laps which was enough for 30th place overall.

Am fitter and stronger this year so hoping to go quicker again.

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...of all your mates riding further and harder than what you are Sad

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I call it motivation Eye-wink

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One thing I can't seem to make Strava do is show the individual laps in a ride. Just uploaded into Garmin Connect and I lied, my red lap was 70 minutes not 65. I am guessing that the loop is quicker now than for the Willo as there are two sections which are currently out of bounds ( - only one is shown on this map, the second only seemed short so probably doesn't make too much difference).

Definitely keen to get back down to Wingello soon. Anyone keen??!

Strava is great, seeing what others have been up to is great motivation as is seeing how you go on those "segments" that it creates, both against others and previous rides. Just go easy with who you choose to use the "compare" tool to as comparing against Jason E is no way to make you feel good about yourself!

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Next to performance....

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