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value of bike

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By gekness - Posted on 06 March 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey guys.

went for a ride the other day at mt annan. and i felt well not silly but like i had the worst bike. lol

so i seen everyone with Giants and Yetis. and thought is my bike shit. so i want to get a vaule from the ppl that no best "you guys".
this is what i have.

bike jamis xtc, upgrade to schwalbe black jack 26-2.25, bracks- tektro draco 2p twin pistons, trip com, and pedals odyssey looseball brown 9/16.

so guys tell me what you think. Btw i have only hit the track only three times as im only just getting into this so yea. should i upgrade??

thanks guys and girls.

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I had an Apollo for 2 years when I first started riding, the shoxs were sticky and it weighed a tonne but still think it is one of the most comfortable bike I've riden, to the point where I'm now trying to change my Trance cockpit to feel the same, bloody loved that bike.

Bugger what everyone else has got if your having fun then that is what counts

Ps going off specs your bike looks good for a starter, break it a few times then upgrade Eye-wink

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I'd spend some time "tuning" the bike you've got. Often the feel of a bike can change radically with some adustments to pressures and settings. Check fork pressures, tyre pressures, rebound settings and so forth. Your bike may be ok but just needs correct setting up.

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ride what you have. Part of MTBing is looking at what someone is riding but to be truthful, people really don't think to much about it. If the bike works for you it's a good bike.

I spent 10's of thousands on all the boutique brands over the years. I now ride a single speed bike that is worth no more than 2g. It works for me, it's a hard tail, doesn't look pretty buit so what.

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At this stage the engine makes a lot more difference than you're choice in forks, tyres or the 2kg weight penalty you might be carrying. Your current biek is by no meands bad so I'd focus on getting time, skills and fitness first. The bonus is that there's nothing as fun as blowing past someone when you're on a clunker. (reminds me of the time I did a lap of Manly dam on my roadie and the look on a dually rider's face as I passed him on the approach up to the big rock by the golf course; priceless).

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thanks guys!!! alot what you have said makes sence and should have thought about it. the fitness i deff need. and the skills and more confidence of taking the corners and drops and stuff like that. i dont know anyone i can just mate at a track to get tips off. so trying to learn this stuff by my self. it would be great if some one could give me some tips or something to learn more. thanks guys

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Mate mountain biking ain't fun until your fit, also see if you can track down amb magazine how to ride video's

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Mt Annan is a good track to learn too ride it has everything to make you a better rider , all you need is too build fitness & more time on the trails there or something a bit harder try Appin .

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Hi gekness. If I can add to the comments above; A little attention to adjustment (seat height, angle and position, stem length and height, ...) and shock pressures will ensure the bike operates just right for you.

And then - knowing the bikes sorted - it's just a question of getting out there, going hard and having fun, and developing the skills and fitness that come along with doing it all.

There is ALWAYS a better bike, sexier bike, newer bike, lighter bike, ...out there.

Knowing that - with a little attention - the one you're riding is the best one for you is the best feeling by far!

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