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Byron Bay Free Ride/Downhill

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By shaun2910 - Posted on 01 November 2007

Hey all

I'm going up Byron Bay soon and i've just bought myself a Kona Stab Deluxe... and i'm wanting to put it through its paces.

Does anyone know of any good Free Ride/Downhill Tracks in Byron?

If so where abouts? Direction?



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Hmmm.... sorry, can't help you here, but maybe someone else has heard of something?

All I know is that you should visit Mt Coramba as you pass Coffs. Pine Creek is also sweet if you want to kill some time XC. You probably noticed these in our rides thing anyhow.

Quick Google came up with Free to Ride (or are they Byron Bay Freeriders?)... anyhow, nothing in their forum but drop the locals a line, can't hurt, eh?

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a kona stab + byron = im jealous! -all I know is theres supposed to be some awesome downhilling there,ive seen videos.. Id try to talk to the locals, stop anyone on a downhill bike and demand knowledge lol

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haha i know i'm stoked, but i need to find some good DH

I've looked through Google and everything but all there is, is mountain bike tours etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Then get on the phone and call them. Talk to them, ask them questions, they may even offer to play tour guide, or atleast direct you to local forums or clubs

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I grew up in the hills of Byron Bay and used to ride a lot of XC (up to 80km's rides with a compass in the middle of no where) in the 2 forests out there. Years ago I found some crazy North shore style stuff (pallet jumps, 10ft drops off ladders, log rides, etc) up in Goonengerry National Park (my backyard) that I used to try and ride. Found out by a shop in Byron that they built all of it (illegaly of cause). Saw them filming some stuff one day also. Might all be gone now as this was years ago... or it could be even better Smiling

There should be at least 1 downhill tour group there. Ring around some of the bike stores.

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i'm heading up there for schoolies soon. so tempting to bring a bike but i guess thats not really what i'm there for. and don't really want to impose on the others im going with. the videos of mt coramba look awesome though if you could stop off on the way.

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Thats exactly why i'm going up there, for schoolies but the difference is that i'm with my riding mates so everyone is keen.

Feel free to tag along if you want?

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unfortunately all my mates are massive bums that would be lucky to play a game of touch in the arvo.
make sure you have plenty of fun with that though.

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