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Damaged Yeti @ Cascades

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By lozza6 - Posted on 01 November 2007

So... where is the best place to pickup a 2005 Yeti 575 rear derailleur hanger?

Somehow caught a big branch into the spokes.. and it got spun round to the top and took the whole derailleur with it.... Did not pedal but just stopped... got off to have a look....... Rear derailleur sitting on top of the chainstay... doh

Couldn't walk her back with the chain all in the way and the derailleur hanging freely dragging on the ground... even with chain removed thanks to a power link.... The derailleur was still swinging free so couldn't ride it, so hiked up the rear and rolled it on the front hoping to find something on the track to secure it on the way back?

Had low expectations.. hoping for some vines or string something..anything! Then bang in the middle of the track, a chick's hair elastic... hahaha bingo..

Unlucky.. but lucky!.. so was able to get on the bike and roll down hills... Unfortunately though we were only halfway up Heath track.. so still had to walk up Cascades back to Acron oval.

at least the spokes where not destroyed as well and hopefully its just the hanger..........

Best price, best location for a 2005 Yeti 575 hanger?



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best chance for staight away cbd bike shop,cheapest chain reaction good luck!!

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Thanks mate...

what about after market hangers.. are they ok?

I think my 2005 yeti 575 takes Hanger #56? maybe #78 too? they look similar

I found these.... (this one seems to be the real Yeti brand?)

too many choices!


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Mate, tough luck. I would recommend a shop for this one. I did the same thing about 2yrs ago and not only was the hanger stuffed but I also bent the part of the derailleur that the mounting bolt goes through. This is something I would not have picked up on my own but meant that I would have had no chance of aligning the derailleur properly even with the new hanger installed. In some cases they can fix this too, unfortunately for me it was terminal, but you need the right tools / knowledge. Think of how pi@#ed you'll be on your new toy not being able to change gears smoothly.

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The 1st thing I did when I got my Yeti was to buy a spare hanger (Bike Addiction).

Having snapped one on my Stumpy in Marra Marra and then having to singlespeed out in a gear Shane Kelly would have trouble pushing, I reckon it's a good investment.

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Thanks for the info... will def give Manly a call... should buy 2 hey?



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I'm gonna pick one up from BA but as a spare.... what do you guys think of this?

$20 and free shipping worldwide for hangers. Anyone heard of this place before?

It appears to be made by these guys:


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Never heard of this place before, but thought I'd give it a shot:

I already bought a spare Yeti hanger from BA in Manly, but I figured, I should keep a spare hanger in my backpack.....

So I just ordered from Goose Creek Cycles and voila, they shipped me a spare hanger made by Wheels MFG ( for $19USD ($21AUD at the time) vs $35AUD for the Yeti one.

Not too bad especially as the shipping of hangers worldwide is FREE!!! Laughing out loud

Just thought I'd let you know this as I thought it was a good resource for fairly in-expensive aftermarket hangers.



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