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Best MTB computer?

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By raymov - Posted on 03 November 2007

Just wondering if any one can recommend a decent bike computer that can handle rugged conditions. Extra features such as Cadence (RPM) & Altitude would be great, without the expense of buying a Garmin Cycling GPS. What is better, Wired or Wireless?

I originally had a Cat Eye Enduro 2 (CC-ED200), however the "heavy duty" cable snapped from the bracket after I went over the handle bars on Red Hill. I replaced this with a cheap & cheerful Aldi wired cycling computer, which flew off the handle bars during the Dirt Works Classic, losing "precious" racing time much to my annoyance. On a local ride it came off again for no good reason, then got flattened by a truck, before I could retrieve it from the road, I couldn't believe it.

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Yikes..... mate with that kinda luck I wouldn't be getting an exxy GPS one! Shocked

Imagine the tears seeing a truck roll over one of them!!!!


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just ordered me one of these,
$125 off rrp so bloody cheap at 35 beans, heart rate, and most of the other stuff you need, and if you break them all the time, maybe this is a good option for you? they wont be around for long id imagine...

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Yeah I ordered that one too Smiling cant wait to try it out Smiling

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