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What do the colours mean

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By mitch_f1 - Posted on 15 April 2006

Just found you guys on a google search, when researching Manly Dam. I'm pretty much a beginner rider, and today I attempted the Quarry track on the Cascades labyrinth. I went at it from down in the valley up (not the best way to take it), and found it incredibly difficult (I also got lost at the recycling depot-did you know you can see the city if you take th wrong turn-right intead of left-at the top of the trail), but I managed, and I still have all four limbs in working order. So i was wondering if there is a link to a key of what the colours mean on the google earth overlays, or would someone care to explain what they refer to.

Can't wait to come for a ride some time, but I don't know whether i'd be able to keep up Sticking out tongue

P.S. if this is the wrong place for this, feel free to move it, mods.

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Hi Mitch,

Thanks for the comment - absolutly correct place to post this stuff. Good to know the maps are of... erm... a little help Eye-wink

Sorry to say the colours don't really mean anything aside from being used to show the different tracks (like, if they were all the same, where one ends and another begins would be hard to spot). Perhaps we should change them so they do mean something though? Or at least say they don't!

You probably couldn't have chosen a harder climb, and if you made it up there (or out of any of the Cascades climbs), don't class yourself as a beginner as they are tough.

Keep an eye on the forum/mailing list and see you out there sometime.

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