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Port Macquaire Mountain Festival CANCELLED

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By Floydo - Posted on 18 May 2012

Black Heart events cancels another event. Heard the reason is more lame, than when they cancelled the Bottlebutt the first time. This was a 2 day big event, weathers good, how can it just not happen. Poor attendance?, someone doesn't make money?. Even the council was behind this one.

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There was almost no way this was ever gonna happen.
I was amused at their claim of having Australias Top 10 MTB riders in the short-track thingo.
Noone I know (and a lot of them could claim to be in that list) had heard anything.
The ludicrous prize money offered - way more than ever before, with seemingly no additional 'big name' sponsor or TV rights.

It was pie in the sky from the start.
Good on them for the idea, and having a go - but outlandish claims for the first time out - never gonna fly.

As for their reputation - people will still come and race their events - although they never sell out in the same way the Fling / Convict / Cap Pun (although AROC is another interesting case) / Scott / Mont do.
Keeping my fingers crossed that Husky is fine - I need some points for the XCM series!

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