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By christine - Posted on 18 April 2006

I was reading your site the other day and saw you did a ride from Terrey Hills shops down to Duffys Forest and back, I didn't know if you knew you don't have to go back the same way but can go down Killawarra Road where there is a trail called The Letterbox...it takes you through to Cooyong Road, you can then go up there to get back to the shops or on another link which takes you out near Kinma School...
If anyone needs better directions I can give them but I suspect you already know the way - it just makes a nice loop.


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Thanks Christine... I think this is the one that's named, 'Sandy Trail' on the topo maps. Stuart and I have our eye on this for making the loop - nice to know it's possible.

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Yes it's the Sandy Trail, it only has one intersection about half way along so if you are coming from Duffys Forest to Terrey Hills you go to the left at the intersection and keep going until you come out at the end of Cooyong - it's a nice trail... last time we went along it was a bit rocky.

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The Red Letterbox or " Sandy " Trail riders use the Crown Road which doubles as the driveway for 415 Killawarra Road. There is a lot of confusion about the entrance to the trail and we regularly direct lost riders down the driveway and would welcome a sign on the road " bike trail ------> " if anyone's handy with a stencil !

Special Note to the Thursday Night Riders - the rain over the last month has caused a massive " bike eating " wash away at the base of the very steep cement drive just before the gate to the National Park. Take Care. Safe Riding.

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