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Fox Talas stuck at max travel

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By Harry - Posted on 22 November 2007

My Fox Talas are supposed to have or at least it did have 3 travel settings but today its stuck on max travel, anyone had this before or know how to fix it as store I bought it from will send away to be repaired and they're not sure how long this will take and I'd prefer not to send it if there's an easy fix.

pikey's picture I understand your Talas fork is attached to a SPECIALISED!!! you have no hope Eye-wink

Time for a Giant i'd say as those Santa Cruises seam to break as well, as we have seen this week with Matt.


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Norco? my bike is close to 5 Years old and !??
It is good as gold, don't u think Liam?!!
Norco is doing the job for me, ANON,

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i have had a talas rlc on my yeti for 3 years and have no problems with them,fox make the forks so why bag specialized or santa cruz,ps i also have a norco as well..

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Try letting all the air out & moving them around a bit if that fails check the adjuster lever on the top as sand & grit can make it hard to shift.

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It's all in good humour Bri. We just like paying out Specialized after Lorrie's team in the Mont 24hr broke 3 of them Smiling

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Wasn't it just Lorrie doing the breaking? Eye-wink

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didnt mean to jump on the soapbox so quickly,

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Lucky that Andrew is o/s for 9 days. Smiling

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Dropped off where I bought it and they've done what you suggested but still no luck (lever is not stuck just won't adjust to what it's set at). I'm picking up to ride the Fat Tyre then I guess it has to go back.

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Harry, as I think you know these have to go back to dirt works. Will be close to 2 weeks if my experience with this model are any indication.

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to avoid that but I guess I have no choice if I want them adjustable again, have to say the shop I bought the bike from were less than helpful and I wouldn't rush to recomend their service after the sale.

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Now which shop was this?
Was this a certain Specialized dealer in Chatswood?

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I think I have finally earned a right of reply here.... lol ... this is one big in joke and NOW its actually quite funny if you were there at the time...... sorry for sidetracking your post.

I own a nice specialized stumpy and it has given me a year or so of good use. That was until the Mont 24hr came along where i lost a bolt that holds the rear triangle together before the race started. My mate also broke his chainstay off his specialized also before the race and during the race I broke the brain off another specialized.

Hence the joke and this is why if anything brakes its due to the specialized or me..

How old is the Talas and have you been riding it in sandy or wet conditions? I had my forks serviced the other day and it has worked a treat.


And the stumpy is working well now - been to Manly Dam, Terry Hills etc etc

Peter R's picture and good service there.


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Peter and others, will be using Narrabeen from now on, went in today for a few bits and much more helpful. My bike is only 3 months old so I'm expecting the shop I bought it at sort it out under warranty.

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Call dirtworks and ask if there is an easy fix. They are the greatest guys and have always proved helpful.

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Thanks Scott, the forks were sent to and fixed by Dirtworks all good again.

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