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XC helmets

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By snowey - Posted on 01 August 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey Guys

Im looking for a new helmet, for mainly XC riding/racing. Im looking for something which is light and isn't too expensive (around $100 - $200).

Any good suggestions?

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This is more an all-mountain style helmet than XC/Road, but worth a look on comfort alone. And it has a very neat integrated GoPro mount if you're into being a camera jockey.

Yes, that's my ugly mug in the article photos Sad

Available from for about $80

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Lots of helmets with lots of marketing hype - I saw one work really well. Blackflash is proof - Its was a MET by JetBlack - see below

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ay yep, those are good helmets Eye-wink


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I've got one and it's been great. TBSM have them on sale for $99 down from $170 at the moment. (I'm not affiliated with this store in any way) At the end of the day make sure the helmet you buy fits your head well and feels comfortable.

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+1 for the MET Kaos after seeing Blackflash post his smash!!!!

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Light, breezy and stops the waterfall running in your eyes if you have a sweaty head!

Bonus Tip: Try before you buy... heads and helmets are like arses and saddles you need to find a matching pair for comfort and fit.

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I own a Limar, I really like the look of them.

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The Bontrager Circuit (yes I know there will be some shitrager hate out there) helmet is quite nice and goes for around 150 from memory. Its comparable in terms of airflow to a bell volt ($250) and has quite a nice retention system. Probably more XC orientated than the MET. Any road helmet will work well for XC as the focus is on airflow, weight and comfort as well as protection.
Helmets are personal - don't buy without trying one on is my best advice
Hope this helps!

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+1 on 'Helmets are personal - don't buy without trying one on is my best advice'

I have a Specialized Echelon, fits well my wird shape but genius head. It's marketed as a road helmet, but at the end it's just a mater of having a visor.

I've spotted this 'Urge All Mountain' helmet few monts ago. It's scheduled to be released in September… if it's fit well I might change to this.

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I recently got a spec propero II. It's classed as a road helmet (no visor) but is light, fits well and has a dial adjuster that is easy to use. I generally find it hard to find a helmet that fits well although helmets are like saddles though, what fits well for one is crap for another.

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Yes its a personal choice. But looking cool may not save your life or prevent serious injury
Make sure it fits, make sure its comfortable, make sure it meets the standards and make sure you wear it.
I wear a MET branded helmet (KAOS UL) i know it fits, i know its comfy, but i also know it works - really well!

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IMO there are very few helmets that make a decent attempt at reducing brain injury. In order to do that they need to decelerate the head- for that you want them to deform on impact , not break into 2 halves.

There have been a few studies looking at post traumatic brain injury and the helmets show no deformation to the polystyrene .

The s- works helmets have a dual layer which attempts this and also the Scott vanish helmets ( which don't seem to be available in oz when I checked last), the company linked to above Kali have motorcycle helmets that have cone head technology, but not yet in their cycle range

Given not a lot of choice I just wear a propero because it comfortable and protects me from soft tissue injury and that ouch when I catch a branch!

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I wear a Spec S-works helmet and after today I can vouch for it's protective qualities, it's also quite comfortable.

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yeah, im looking into a specialized echlon, a specialized propero and they seem to be pretty good helmets, ive tried them on and they fit perfrectly. I also tried a Lazar o2 helmet on and it is way more comfortable than the specialized. Is the Lazar o2 helmet a good helmet?

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USED to wear. Time to buy a new one Heath Eye-wink

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I've tried Bell and Giro and so far my MET is the favoured. Very light, excellent vents, has silicon banding at the front instead of material which seems to be more effective, my Ayup gecko mount fits perfectly in the grooves keeping the light low down and the battery mounts perfectly at the rear creating an even balance. As hawkeye said also takes the Gopro mount easily.

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True, but I also have a brand spanking new met kaos ul, just waiting for my head to be inserted..... It will have to wait another few weeks tho.....

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I've got a MET Veleno, very light and fits my small head.

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ok cheers

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