You are hereIf crazy enough to be a cycling pro, what discipline would you be?

If crazy enough to be a cycling pro, what discipline would you be?

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 02 December 2007

XC endurance
17% (5 votes)
Road riding
14% (4 votes)
Downhill / Freeride
38% (11 votes)
10% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
3% (1 vote)
17% (5 votes)
Total votes: 29
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I assume the last option would be Trials rather than Trails?

If so trials is way cool. Too much skill involved!

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Oh come on now... who wants to be a roadie? Sticking out tongue

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Any good XC rider - there's a lot more money in road verses Mt bikes.

Alchemist - who hasn't raced BMX, but has ticked the rest off this year.

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I dont think my system is conditioned enough to do all the drugs needed to road ride proffesionally

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Would love to of seen the look on your face Rob when the roadie vote was at 100%. BTW I have no idea who would of put up that first vote Cool. You do have to admit they are fun!!!

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how can you go past the fun of a Keiran(?)

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i had a go at an open day at bankstown velodrome earlier this year... bloody hell - fixed gears, no brakes and the banking... and they are just as dodgy as the road riders - except they get paid less!


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The fixed gear & banking takes a few goes to get used to, but once you start to get the hang of it it's heaps of fun. As an added bonus Dunc Grey has a roof so you still get to ride in winter when its cold and wet

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What's the difference between 4x, trails, and tracks?

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This should explain most of it:

(4X, also known as 'mountain cross' or 'bikercross') inspired by the dual format and by BMX racing, this event pits four riders on the same course from starting gates to finish. There can only be one winner per event, so the races can quickly eliminate riders making the progression faster for a day's events. This is the reason it was chosen as the race-format to replace Dual-Slalom by the UCI at World Cup events. 4X also replaced Dual in the UCI World Cup series in 2002.

Track I assume is riding in a velodrome.

Trials is when they have to negotiate all these crazy obstacles on a bike. You lose points when you put a foot down etc. So there's a lot of trackstanding, hops, drops and so on.

Like this

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4X is the UCI recognised format and uses timed runs to rank and eliminate riders. MtnX is the Aussie variant that uses moto style heats to rank and eliminate.

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That was a pretty awesome video!! I remember seeing some of that style of riding years ago, but didn't realise(or forgot) tha tit was called Trials.

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