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Fox Suspernsion Alloy Reducers for 2012 Anthem X 26"

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By StanTheMan - Posted on 18 August 2012

Recently I went to have my DU Bush & alloy Reducers replaced on My Anthem X

LBS was happy to do it for me. But didn't have the reducers. They said. "Shell be right" & fitted the originals.

Well... They have worn out again. I can feel the play in the suspension. So this time I'm doing it Myself. However I want to make sure I'm certain about the size of the alloy reducers.

Does anyone know what size they are ?
My Bike is a Anthem X1 26". My rear shock is a FoxFloat R

I think it would be this one here but I'm not 100% sure.
22mm width for 8mm bolt?

Yes I will be getting a DU Bush removal tool as well.

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Hi Stan, I got these and they work really well and are easy to maintain.

The shock pivot on the Anthem rotates a lot, what makes it wear really fast.

I've been using this needle bearing for a year now and only maintain it whenever I do the air can clean and re-lube (about every 4 months) and they still work like new.


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how do you tell if the bush is worn out ?
I also have an anthem X and saw a lot of discussion with the maestro bushes needs regular replacement ?

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bmar560 to see if the bush is worn put your hand on the seat post gently lift the rear wheel off the ground. If you feel some play or a little click before the wheel comes up your DU bush probably need replacing.

Not sure if I explained that very well.

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Hmmm, just this w/e I noticed exactly that symptom - small play when I lift my Trance up by the saddle. Also, a clicking sound while riding - is that another symptom of the same problem? I've done 1,800 kms on this bike since new - is that enough for this to happen? If so, what kinda cost am I looking at to get the bush replaced by LBS? Thanks.

Edit: Just had a look at the bike, and yes, the play is definitely in the top bushing of the shock. Looks like fairly simple to remove bolt to replace things - or am I wrong!?! What's this talk of "DU bush removal tool"? Am I better off paying LBS to do it?

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The DU bush is a small ring of metal that the shock pivots on and you need the right tools to remove the old one and press in the new one.

The are pretty cheap and designed to wear out so that the expensive shock body does not. Probably best to get the LBS to do it.

I am tempted to get one of the bearings that leopafe suggested next time mine needs replacing, will still get the LBS to install it.

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Hi nh, you're not wrong - just had a play, and with my mechanical aptitude I couldn't even get the bolt out, let alone the bushing - LOL! In fact a quick Google found this Fox tech guide to bushing replacement -

Oh well, looks like an unscheduled trip to the LBS is in order.

I also like the look of those needle bearings. And considering the fox bush and spacers in the link above are AU$39, that also makes the needle bearings cheaper at US$31. So, I might follow your lead and order one in and get the LBS to fit it...

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Just got a quote from LBS to replace the bushing only (not the spacers) and it was $10 for the bushing and $30 labour. Can anyone comment on whether this is reasonable based on their experience of having the same done? Thanks.

PS: He thought putting in needle bearings was a bad idea!

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To me this is a little bit on the expensive side to charge $30 labour.
I removed the shock myself and took it to my LBS and I was charged $10 to remove the DU bushing and press in the needle bearing, after all it is a 5 minute job with the proper tools.
Did he give you any reasons why it would be a bad idea or was it he just did not have any to sell you?
There is a huge thread at MTBR's Shock and Suspension section about the needle bearings that you can check out.
Also, it seems that Fox has just released a new version/type of bushings and reducers that are supposed to be much more durable, but I don't know if it is available in Australia yet.

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Ok looks like my bushings are still fine. No play whatsoever when I lifted the bike by the saddle.
I did however have to re-tightened one of the bolts.

$10 is the price per bushing I assume, could be in the hundreds then if you need to replace all the bushings.

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My LBS charged $20 an End to remove & replace the DH bush. If I brought the rear shock to them.I thought that was quite reasonalbe.
I'd say if all the bushings need replacing on the rear suspension the cost would be different.

For those who care the dimentions of the bushes for the Anthem X is 6mm Shaft & bushes are 21.84mm wide.

someone on another forum was kind enough to send me this link.
The drop down folders on the left, there's one called Quick Tech Rear Shocks, within that there is a downloadable spreadsheet called Rear Shock Fit Chart.

From that fitting chart the Anthem is fox product 803-03-000

when you google get the above dimentions.

But I'm seriously considering that pencil bearing thingy......

as far as My Anthem. My original Anthem cracked. It was replaced 12 mths ago. My old bits were trnsferred. My rear shock has travelled in the vicinity of close to 8000 km. My new frame has only travelled about 3500 km. So my bushes were well overdue. My rear suspension bushes are probably not far off.

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Also for those who don't know. The Anthem X only uses a DH bush on the top end of the shock. The shock doesn't actually need to be removed from the bike.
The Trance & Reign are most likely the same.
That of course also depends what year your frame was manufactured.
This is certainly the case of the Anthem X which was manufactured 2010, 11. & 12.... I think.
There were small changes over those years but none that affected the mounting of the rear shock.
Before that the Anthem was a 3.5 inch travel bike & the mounting of the rear shock was different.

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G'day mate more food for thought,try i have just replaced mine on a 2012 6 month old trancex1.Not a very common problem my lbs told me but going by all the postings here i beg to differ.Had the same prob with my Anthem before that as well as 2 mates having the same probs.just my 2cw.

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On a 6 mth old bike I'd be inclined to agree. Its a wearing part. Eventually it will go. But shouldn't be as soon as 6 mths. It will need replacing eventually. However hopefully the LBS did a warranty on it for you.
My bike gets trashed, raced & maintained. I was only bitching because it wasn't done right in the first place.

the page you linked.....nothing is coming up.....or is it just me?

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that should work.

Thanks for the info guys.

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They offered to fix it but i thought the same thing is giong to happen again.I had a spare heavy duty one at home so i told them i would fix it myself,took about 15 mins and all is well.By the way sorry about the link,first time effort so dont know what went wrong.

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Hi Leopafe, that link to the MTBR thread is good - seems there can be some downsides to the needle bearings then - like having play, and altering the feel of the shock. Hmmm, now not so sure I should go that route.

Also interested to hear Fox are bringing out a 'new' version of their spacers. In fact I found some of them already for sale on a German site and they look remarkably similar to the TF Tuned heavy duty ones that Casualrider linked to above. Guess that's the future then...

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Grab yourself a DYI MTb DU bush remover

Works a treat

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I got my self one of these and they are worth there weight in gold.
The guy Duncan at DIY MTB is most helpful, i even by all my bearings from him.

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Thanks all for the suggestions (and sorry to OP for hijacking his thread!). I've decided to order a couple of the new 2013 Fox bushings from that German website I linked to earlier. By the way, I've since found out their official name is "5 piece flanged bushing" and not only do they do away with the need for a bushing extractor tool, but are also purported to "reduce friction by 50% and 10 times longer life" compared to the standard DU bushing and aluminium spacers!!

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been looking at it. Only problem I have at this stage is that I'm under the impression the Anthems Bolt to hold the shock in place is 6mm. The one on the German site is for an 8mm Bolt.

Time to unbolt & measure I guess. Have you ordered yet?

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Hi Stan,

Yep, my Trance is a 6mm bolt, and I'd guess your Anthem is the same. I just undid the bolt & measured as you say.

You're right, the one I linked to above was the 8mm version - well spotted! They actually have both 6mm & 8mm, but I linked to the latter because it was the only one with a picture.

Here's the 6mm one

I haven't pressed the button on my order yet, but probably will in the next day or so. I've decided to service my forks, shock, and bushing all at the same time, based on the logic that if the bushing has gone, I'm sure its time the rest of the suspension had some attention! So, I've included seal kits and fluids in the order, and the savings over buying locally (remember you can take 19% German VAT off the prices shown on the web site!) make the $20 fixed shipping fee a bit more bearable. I've used a couple of times, and find them very good, although it takes about 3 weeks from order date to delivery in Oz - but that's more OzPost's fault than theirs!

If you happen to be in Perth I'd be happy to include another set of bushings for you in my order, and save you the shipping fee - where are you based - East coast or West?

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yea you read my mind LOL I'm in Syndey. I would have gone half on the shipping fee. Don't worry/. I'' check to see what other things they have I might need. order my own.
yea i undid my bolt as well last night an it is a 6 mm.

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Ok no problem. I don't think you'll have any problem finding some more goodies to spread the shipping fee - I bought a whole XT groupset and brakes from them recently for my new 29er build, and the price was great!!

Edit: Just picked up my new Anthem 29er from the LBS, and guess what - it has the new 5 piece flanged bushing already on it - they are obviously standard on 2013 bikes. Well pleased!

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I noticed a bit of a small play on my giant anthem rear triangle. So I tightened all joints in the rear triangle and the play was still there. I then unscrew the bolt at the top part of the shock eyelet, the eyelet with the DU bush.
The DU bush was replaced a couple of weeks ago, are you meant to be able to remove the alloy reducers by hand ? or are they meant to be tight fitting to the shock eyelet ? Because I can remove the reducers by hand and I don't think that's right after watching some youtube videos.

Don't know why the LBS didn't advice me to replace he alloy reducers as well when I replaced the DU bush.

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I don't think they are meant to do that. Its probably best to do both. Thats essentially what happened to me. The reducers were not changed because the shop thought it was OK. It only took a little while for them to wear out the new DU bush.

On that note. Mine is still unresolved as my parts from that German site were out of stock after I ordered them. after 2 weeks of waiting I gave up.
I need some tyres now so I'm scouting around to find a site that has both the tyres & the hardware I want.

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My understanding is the alloy spacers should be a snug fit, but not too tight, as they do have to revolve within the DU bushing afterall. If you left replacing them too long so that the surfaces are scored or have started to wear away by rubbing against the bare metal left in the DU bush, then yes - definitely replace them.

As for why the LBS didn't suggest this in the first place - well my guess would be that they have DU bushes in stock as its a standard part, whereas the spacers are different on each frame and model - so its likely just lazyness on their part as they would have to order them in for you.

Still would suggest one of the new five-piece flanged bushings - that replaces DU bush and spacers in one go, and Fox say lasts ten times longer!

StanTheMan - yes it did take longer than normal to get that new bushing thru from the German web site - they've been linked to on a number of forums as being one of the few places worldwide to sell them, so maybe there was a rush on stock!

Anyway, I've got mine now, together with wiper seals, air can seal kit, suspension fluids, a new press-fit BB and tools to fit it - so this weekend will be spent doing the annual overhaul of my Trance!

PS: If you do stay with DU bushings, I bought myself a cheapo little DU bush removal/re-fitting tool (I still need to get the original DU bush out before I can fit the new type!) that came complete with two DU bushes for $22 incl. postage to Oz. Ordered it here and it arrived within two weeks.

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OK so the alloy reducers are worn. Took it to the LBS and they gave me 2 options: standard reducers or replace it with the new 5 piece bushing from Fox. I'm gonna give the new 5 piece bushing a go, I should have them installed by the end of the week.

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I think you made the right choice. I've just been window shopping in my LBS and noticed all the 2013 bikes have the new 5-piece flanged bushing as standard now - they are simply better than the DU bushings and alloy reducers.

By the way, fitted mine this w/e at the same time as doing an air can service on the shock - easy peasy...

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Just got the new style bushing fitted. Bike feels tight again. Let's see how long it'll last....

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Looks like mine is getting fitted by a LBS on monday. CBF waiting around anymore. Costing me about $65

all my other bits from that German site still haven't arrived. Its been close to 3 weeks now. charging me $30 AUS and getting shit service like that makes me want to stick with CRC. The XT brakes may have been cheaper but with CRC when I've bought stuff like that, I had it sent N/C and got here quicker.

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Still tight after 2 laps of Manly Dam Smiling

StanTheMan's picture

mine is about as loose as a nuns pussy......

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Ordered mine about 10 days ago and thought they should be here by now?
Guess I'll be waiting a little while longer?

StanTheMan's picture

Has yours left Germany? or was it out of stock?

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I've had no email to say either?

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How much is it from germany they are about $35-45 locally

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about $25 but then they slug you with another $25 to post it via pluto.
prolly better off goiung to the LBS like you did. They may charge you $40 for the part plus a bit of labour to remove the DU bush. But hey are now avail on the local market.

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So it was worth the postage.
But not worth the wait!
Good job i'm not desperate for the parts.

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youre right Gazza

I suppose I'm so used to no postage from CRC. It took a bit longer this time so i automatically think its bad service. Its funny If they charged me $25 more & pretended they hadn't charged me for postage. I probably would not have cared.
It took just over 3 weeks for the package to get here. It arrived at my work yesterday.
The new reducers were intsllaed on Mon.

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Will pick them up this morning and install tonight.
Will let you know what i think.

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The new bushings squeaks a bit, but I only notice this at home, won't notice it while riding as the sound of your chain banging on the chainstay will override the squeaking noise Smiling

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I feel a bit guilty you guys felt you had bad service, as I originally recommended that German site. For the record, I've used them four times in the last six months, and their service has been excellent. But, just to re-iterate for anyone else reading this thread and thinking of ordering some bushings - The German sites do have a $25 flat fee for postage, so this makes it expensive if you're only ordering small parts. At the time I ordered you couldn't get these bushings locally, and I added it to a larger order which spreads the cost of postage anyway.

Also, I did mention up there that it takes about three weeks for delivery. You'll get a DHL tracking number when the order ships, and from that you can see that the orders leave Germany within 24hrs of ordering (if in stock), but when they get to Oz they go by standard AusPost parcel post, not courier or even priority post, and thats what takes the time. If you're used to the one week delivery times of CRC and Wiggle it will seem very slow indeed - but then you generally save about 20% over their prices - choice is yours!

On the squeaking - I put a tiny bit of grease on the 'O' rings. Also make sure you haven't tightened the bolt too much - as the new parts are only plastic! The torque on that bolt on the top of the shock is only 8-10nm (according to Giant anyway - other brands may vary).

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When I found out my little bearing press didn't remove the bushing I borrowed the proper tool ( DIY Mtb ) and had the job done in 5 mins. Easy with the right tools!
Happy with the result so let's see how it lasts?

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Gidday Chaps

Those 5 piece bearings.
How are they going? Mine have just worn out. Ive done 9k km on them about 550 hrs in total.

I expected them to last longer but thats how the coockie crumbles

Alot of you would have new bikes by now & probably forgotten about these reducers. LOL

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