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1 1/4" stem?

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By cambo - Posted on 06 September 2012

So I have got the new bike but it comes with a tapered steerer from 1 1/2" to 1 1/4". Not much luck finding a stem that size so I can swap out the OEM part. Does anyone know of any 1 1/4" models. The best solution I could find was a FSA OS120 that comes with a shim to reduce to 1 1/8"

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I assume it's a Giant bike?
Maybe try contacting you local Giant dealer to order one of these in.

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Not sure if it's any help, but older cannondale road bikes had a 1 1/4" steerer.

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Thanks Buck, the stem in the link is the one that's on it.

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Syntace make stems that work with the Giants. We looked into it for Jenny and her Giant too.

They are not super cheap, but are probably one of the best stems around (German engineering at its finest).
You can buy direct from the distributor - - the guy that runs is called Krischan and is a real gear freak. Lovely bloke.

If you cant find their contact details, flick me a note.


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Giant dealers have heaps of size options available for stems and are pretty reasonable price wise (free when the bike is new) . If you just want another name on the stem , I recommend flat black spray paint Smiling

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Surely these boys do what you're after?

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