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Where the trail ends

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Have you got the footage from the trail maintenance today? I can't get enough of that gumby in the white lycra onesie.

hawkeye's picture

Sorry, no. Sad

I had the GoPro set to time-lapse photo mode with the aim of trying to get extra battery life out of the thing, but for some strange reason Windows Live Move Maker struggles a bit with stitching 2,756 x 11MP photos into a time-lapse movie.

D'Oh! Sad

sikllama's picture

Time to upgrade your video maker software hawkeye... I use Video Studio x4 for my ski videos, haven't made a MTB one yet as I'm just starting out in the sport and don't have a Gopro or similar device, maybe Santa will leave one under the tree for me this year.

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Hmmm.... not bad for under a hundred USD.

Wonder if it has a 64-bit version? Going that way for the next laptop.

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Thinking that maybe those trails might end up in a black box in the ground.....and my wife has threatened that if I show this to my son - I'll end up in a black box!!!!

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