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X Fusion vs Fox Triad rear shock

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By ozgti - Posted on 29 October 2012

Hi all,

Looking at swapping my X Fusion O2 RLA rear shock on my Spesh FSR XC to a Fox Triad shock. Just wondering if anyone has made this change and what people's opinions are of the Fox Triad.


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I have gone the other way, from a 195 mm Fox RL to a longer (200) X Fusion on an 05 Enduro as I was more interested in seeing how the bike ran with a slightly higher BB height & an extra 10mm of rear travel (provided by the flip flop link with extra shock stroke). I also fitted a 130mm Revelation up front in place of the 120 Marzocchi.
The bike feels the best it has for assing about on and I prefer the way that I can now run more sag without the back end feeling as if it is running far too deep into its travel.

My opinion would be that the greater adjustment of the Fox shocks would make the bike more tune able but whether that's needed is up to you.

What year is your bike, what's the rest of the spec & what do you prefer to ride?

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My bike is a 2009 FSR XC comp. it's the bottom of the range bike so it came with RS Tora forks and the x fusion shock. I have since upgraded to a RS Reba and the difference between the forks is night and day. So having changed the fork and feeling the difference between a mid range and bottom range fork, I am wondering if a rear shock upgrade will do the same. The fox triad shock is the one that came with the top of the range FSR XC pro. It has rebound and propedal settings. It main reason I am thinking of this shock is that is need to be a specific stroke for the bike. Therefore the triad would be a direct swap and is tuned specifically for the frame. I would prefer a normal fox rp23 or the ctd ones but they do not make it in the right size. I would have to get the stroke reduced. The triad will cost around $300 but a modified rp23 is closer to $600. So big price difference. I do general trails, no big jumps or anything.

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it was a few years ago now
But my old stumpy got a new RP23 from TBSM
The stroke was a little different to the Septune rubbish shock it came with
But was told by someone on here it wouldn't matter and it didn't (it might have been longer, not shorter)
In fact, you think the fork swap was night and day!

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Ok, I'm with you now.
I totally agree with your fork choice & think that the Reba rivals Fox offerings in all but the price.
I've not been the bike nerd that I once was so please let me know the travel of your bike & the current shock length & stroke.
A different rear wont make as bigger difference as the fork but if you can get a shock like the RP2 or 23 you can make the bike more or less as you want.
Wheels & tyres make more difference as the Horst link is pretty efficient.

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The travel is 120mm. The current shock is 7.5 x 1.75. As this is a specialized specific size, I would have to buy a 7.5 x 2 size shock and have the stroke reduced. I'm thinking the triad is similar to the rp2? Don't think you can get the rp 23 anymore. In any case it's probably over my budget.

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Ok, that's the same as mine.
I've a "Pushed" Fox R & my original RL itch switch Fox in that size.
You have 120mm of travel for 44.4mm of stroke (1.75") so you have a leverage ratio of 2.7. With a 50 mm shock stroke you have 135mm.
You will probably find that the extra .25 of stroke with the 7.5 x 2" stroke shock will make no negative problems as long as the frame doesn't let anything rub you'll simply have potentially extra travel.
CRC have Fox & DT Swiss shocks in 190 eye to eye.

Why don't you remove the shock from the frame & check out how much movement the frame will accommodate?

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I've read on mtbr that people have used the 7.5 x 2 without any issues. But I feel more comfortable sticking to the original specs. In any case, is the triad a bad shock? If I go for one on CRC what compression tune do I get?

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