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the future of body armour.

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the first search result should be for a riptv segment that shows what the stuff is. Spyder, the ski clothing company, unveiled this at interbike this year and nsmb did the vid.

Very very cool stuff but would hate to think how much it will cost, Spyder clothing is expensive enough as it is.

google search link here

sorry I can't link directly to the riptv segment

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You mean this:

More Google'in' reveals:

The Armored Top’s super-stretch fabric is so accommodating that we made it gender-neutral. It’s available in XS - LG. Two colorway choices include Fog (light gray) and Gargoyle (deep gray). MSRP: $350

The d3o™ Ultimate Chamois is available in a men’s and women’s version, both in black. Men’s sizing: S – XXL. Women’s Sizing: XS – XL. Men’s MSRP: $270, Women’s MSRP: $220


Where there's another vid:

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Thanks mate

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