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Personal best on my Carbon Force

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By BIGnige - Posted on 13 November 2012

11 Nov 12

Loads of traffic but overtook most of it going up Heartbreak.
First ever lap with Strava in my pocket.
Seems like 30 might be a long way off yet.!!
Gotta kill the road sections to go much faster I reckon.

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You must avoid and stop thinking about the Butcher on Gibbs.
You must also risk your life more down the Curl Curl Creek & back end Descents.....LOL

It took mer about 3 mths to get from 40min down to 33.
its taken me 18 mths to get from 33 down to 31.30.....

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Honestly Stan I think I've just about reached my own personal level of of skill on the down parts. There's little for me to make up there without taking too many more risks.
I've just gotta man-up on the road climbs and the valley of roots before the golf course carpark...and then if I can smash out the last rock garden I'll be close.
Hmmm..lotta ifs in there.

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Some things to try;

Work with someone faster on the road sections to break the wind, no not that kind of wind.
Ride the dam 5 times a week (5 different days) for a few weeks, worked for me, well down to 37's anyway.
Skills course? I'd do one with you as might a couple others, KR?
Get a flash new carbon bike, oh wait......

You've inspired me, but first to ditch around 10 - 12kg.

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