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ANZAC day option 2

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By craigs - Posted on 24 April 2006

Hi All,

Got a buddy out from the USA who is keen to come out for a ride with us.

Will be doing a Manly Dam run on Tuesday at 8:30am. Will be a medium paced ride.
Meet at King and Orana by the hydraulics lab.

Please feel welcome to join us


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OK Craig,

Seeing as I'm home at a reasonable time will try and make it tomorrow. Really must be out of there by 10:30-11:00 though so:

- 2 Fast laps
- 1 medium long lap (bantry bay).

Thinking the second is the way to go for your visiting mate anyhow.

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Would you believe today I had 2 flats in the space of a couple hundred metres? The second was caused by hitting that pop up the rock by the golf course too hard (after Dirty Dave convinced me about not having too much air in the tire...erm... 200m earlier).

Then there was another (thankfully not mine) by the pipe after a jumping session. Lessons learnt... you can never carry too many spare tubes! Anyhow, nice morning, full profile here:

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 1:09:47
Moving Time (h:m:s) 1:05:46
Distance (km) 13.59
Moving Speed (kph) 12.4 avg. 36.1 max.
Elevation Gain (m) +358 / -361

You will note that around 2km from the finish I decided that there was too much hanging around and hit it hard. Arrived knackered at the car... the way it should be Smiling

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