Menai Update ?

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By Dicko - Posted on 19 November 2012

Its been a while since we had an update on negations for access to Menai's trails.

Does anybody have an informed update on he status of this ?

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Taken from another source

Trails on ANSTO and Gandangara lands are currently closed. Reps have been working with
Sutherland Council and Ansto on a formalised trail network, which was approved by Sutherland Council unanimously earlier in the year Smiling. We are just waiting on legal agreements between Council and Ansto to be agreed and finalised, which are progressing and nearing completion Smiling In the mean time we've organised for our first trail day in Dec 12 on Council Lands. So if your a Sydney person and want to get involved in building some Legal Trails ... contact and register your interest

I have also heard that the first build day may be the 8th, not the 12th.

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Thks for the update - that sounds somewhat promising

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Can't wait to try this trail.

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Any new news? Is it still closed? Any idea when it might open?

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Still closed.

Track work is taking place on the 2nd saturday of each month. Next track day is saturday 16th. Contact the above email to get updates. There is a sticky thread here on Rotorburn that also keeps you upto date. If you are wishing to attend the trackwork day you will need to take an online council induction and fill out the forms that have been posted in the sticky thread. Very easy to do.

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Just a quick update.

A group of around 20+ people showed up this morning to some work on a section of existing track.

The guys organising these sessions are doing a great job and have good vision of what can be. The section we worked on this morning featured a number of drops up to 3ft with good natural landers (we were clearing around 3+ metres on the little test session at the end). There is also some great work filling in some badly eroded sections and some nice berms coming together. These have all been constructed with good drainage features. It's fair to say that when complete this won't be a bog standard XC loop although there will still be B lines around the technical parts.

The group I worked with managed to trim back about 1km of trail to widen the corridor and stop the bush encroaching on exposed, fast moving skin. We were advised that a fair section of this will become a raised boardwalk style to avoid delicate ground.

Anyway, for those missing riding there, come along to to the next build day in March and help to make it happen sooner. The council has a decent budget to plough into this so come along and have your input and lend a hand to what will become a great track with a huge amount of challenge and variety!

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