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1x9 chainguide

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By The Brown Hornet - Posted on 23 November 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I run 1x9 (32 up front, whatever-the-range-on-the-rear) and my current setup of a bash ring and an N-gear Jump Stop just isn't cutting the mustard anymore. I'm not sure why because it worked pretty well for a few years.

Anyway, what would be a good chaingide to fit? I've seen the ones that sit over the top of the chainring, like MRP, and then one that sits under the chainstay, like the Bionicon C-guide thing. Any others I should be aware of that folks have used and found to work well? I currently run a long cage rear der., which was all I had at the time, but I will be geting either a medium or short when I can be bothered.

Hit me with your vast knowledge!

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Jp go the two on the front, you will have a much better spread of gears and can keep the long cage on.

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I was going to run a single front on the Remedy with a cSixx top guide from Al (Nerf).
Ended up ordering a XT 2X10 set up with shadow +. I already have a bionic Cguide so it should be pretty slap free.
Everything actually turned up today (full XT drivetrain including brakes), my old HT will sport the current 9sp XT and Elixer CR brakes once I sort/source front forks (anyone selling 100mm 1 1/8 air forks??).
Will fit the new set up before Xmas.

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I have been riding 1x9 for a few years now.... never miss the front rings and I am no super fit rider. You have to be a rider that is prepared to stand up which if you are coming from a SS experience makes things kind of obvious. The weight loss and simplicity is great... its like SS riding but with some flexibilty.

I have used the MRP 1x on a few bikes and converted some other people to them and are more than happy how they perform and they are really light and reliable. Haven't broken one yet either.

Also this allows for a short cage on the back. Shortcage has two great advantages in that it is much smaller so doesn't snap off in the rough anywhere as easily and also shifts a lot quicker and smoother.

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Running a chainguide and a c-guide together would offer the most security ... but the essential one IMO is the top guide.

At the PMB XC world cup cSixx pretty much supplied the majority of the field with their protos at the time ... the feedback was pretty awesome ... but the most telling was top guide + clutch mech was more then enough to keep the chain on ... not one chain dropped during the race.

Everybody I know with a c-guide is happy with it ... given how cheap the puppies are on ebay. replacement parts might be an issuem, but again given how cheap they are your prolly encouraged just to buy a new unit. Ian how long do you think the plastic roller bits will last for with the amount of racing you do ??

cSixx being carbon is a little more expensive, but $149.95 for the seat stay mounted and $99.95 for the direct mount (eg for Scotts, Reigns, Yetis) is pretty competitively priced compared to the alloy competition even on CRC.

Blackman Bicycles has a few of the XC and other cSixx range ... well worth a look as they are rather horny

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The plastic skid thing will wear out fairly quick I guess. Its seems pretty tough though and might be available separately at some stage. I've had it on for 2 months maybe and its fine so far.

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Seen the new SRAM groupset that runs without a chainguide up front. They have it in Revo mag this month. That looks good.

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So, I'm running a 1x10 setup, using one of Al's CSixx Direct Mount jobs + a C-Guide v2 and a SRAM Type 2.

To be honest, the Top Guide + Clutch would definitely do it, but I'd already committed to the C-Guide and so have it all installed.

The C-Guides are quite expensive ($80 RRP), and so I'll be going back to my ghetto solution once it wears out. That is, if I need one at all. I'll run the CSixx + Clutch for a while and see if I drop anything, and go from there.

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I'm sure I saw the c-guides on ebay for $USD20 + shipping ... maybe I was seeing something else.

The new SRAM stuff is prolly the bees knees ... but from my understanding needs

specific cranks or spider (which may as well be new cranks)
specific chain
specific chain rings
Specific cassette
specific freehub
currently the wheels available to retro fit the hub is limited ... so lets say new wheel or hub.

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C-guide was $50ish from eBay Al. You might find the 1st version for less than that but it looks pretty dodgy.

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I have read some good user reviews for the Widgit.

$139 for the Guide and Sprocket. Guide is only compatible with their sprocket.

But the best part is being 100% Australian made.

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I have had endless problems with popping the timing chain off the tandem, especially at high rpm, if the stoker starts driving it rolls the chain strait off the front. What I did, made up a plate, similar to the widget, that bolts on the outside of the chain ring, moved the chain ring to the inside of the spider to give some clearance. Used some aircraft grade aluminium l had lying around the shed, works a treat.

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