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Finally! Here it is!

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By Black Flash - Posted on 08 December 2012

The much anticipated video of our Boys Weekend Away mountain biking. A few nobmobbers, MGL Tipriders and a few other mates hit up Awaba, Glenrock then off up to Kirarrak in Taree. Temperature were hot, humidity was hot, riding was - awesome! i have linked together a few clips of the ride into a soundtrack that best reflects our age... I hope you enjoy! If you dont - im sorry, it is only my second attempt at this sort of thing... : )

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but what no stacks?

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A few times... Not me this time...

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Great effort for first time

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It was the weekend temperatures soared into the high 30's and humidity felt close to 100... The second half of each of our rides resulted in the cameras fogging up with moisture.... So no real usable footage. The same happened to hawkeyes camera too. Really hot! Really sticky. One thing we all agreed on riding in the heat - glad we werent racing the jet black at mt Annan...

As it was we went through litres and litres of fluid! Come the end of Sunday we would have consumed more than 10 litres each (hydration concoctions, plain water, soft drinks and a beer or 6...)
Cheers again to all the riders...

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Time to go back to the open rear hatch I reckon. Or buy some of those moisture-absorbent strips they sell for use with the GoPro.

I had a perfect setup with a bogan woman getting abusive in the traffic on the way to work the other morning, it was comedy gold especially the reaction when I caught up to her at the traffic lights. Unfortunately, too foggy to use Sad

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Great vid. I particularly like how you've added the ground level shots to share with us a perspective that you'd normally have after an epic stack. You should add in a shot of the ceiling of an ambulance for the full Black Flash experience. Laughing out loud

More of the Chumba too next time thanks.

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Wasn't the helicopter view near enough?

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Actually, with the lenses all fogged up.... Kind of reminds me of what 2 weeks in the ICU looks like!
As for the chumba... It's in there... I'm disappointed there wasn't an orbea in the mix..... Smiling

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that was some good footage & good music to go with it .

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Can I ask how long it took you to put together? I seem to gather some reasonable footage but struggle to find the time to put it into a nice video. Not to mention I'm artistically/graphically challenged AND I don't want to spend the money buying software I suspect would make it easier/quicker!

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Personally i find it pretty time consuming.

For my vids i use windows live movie maker. My laptop is literally falling to pieces... when i upgrade i'll go 64 bit which should speed things a little. Unfortunately (or fortunstely) Mac is not an option as i need to maintain Wintel compatibility. Once upgraded i will probably invest a small amount in an editor.

The most time hungry part is selecting the footage to use, followed by uploading... slooooooow Sad

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I had a smile all the way thru so must have enjoyed it

Couldn't quite remember - oh.. so close
So familiar - recognise that voice
Ummm... oh of course
The Cult

Showing my age by both knowing and forgetting lol

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Enjoyed the movie! Well done.

As someone who does his fair share of video editing family home movies I know how much effort is involved in a) just shooting the video and b) post production. As hawkeye said a great deal of time can be spent in b). Typically I spend about 16 - 20 hours on a video - though thats typically bringing together nearly a year's worth of video clips from 5 or 6 family holidays/bdays etc.

@Hawkeye im in the same boat as you in that my laptop is on its last legs and I need to upgrade. I'm leaning towards a Macbook Pro at this stage (You can load Windows 7 onto a Mac to maintin compatibility if thats important). If I go down that path than I guess I'll start using Final Cut Pro X, currently use Video Studio X4 ($99) on a Wintel machine.

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I downloaded a free copy of the editing software from gopro. This enabled me to edit and export clips in the right format. I then downloaded a free copy of AV4ME. Did a trial production to find a huge annoying watermark in the middle of the video. I then opted to buy the whole av4me package at a huge discount - something like $44 down from 199. This enabled me to produce something on full hd, without any issues.
As has been mentioned...
It takes time to get the footage, you either go out to ride or go out to film. Very difficult to do both, although the boys weekend was a ride weekend - I just had to sprint 30 seconds ahead to set up cameras then after they rode past, pack up and catch up... Oh btw, if anyone finds a new mini tripod (black with grey nobbles and gopro attachment) somewhere along the second half of awaba it could well be mine... Fell out of my jersey pocket...
Selecting the footage takes as long as filming it...
Putting it together is pretty straight forward, pretty much drag and drop ur clips into a time line. You can still edit the clip length to suit.
It also helps to have a song in mind for the soundtrack. We must have given thought to nearly 50 different tracks on the way home....
All worth it in the end - especially when some of the hardest critics give it praise (that's you lot - mtbers) so thanks for the positive feedback!

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