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NSW National Parks Mountain Biking Survey

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By wilso_ac - Posted on 12 December 2012

NSW National Parks have a mountain biking survey under way for the northern parts of Sydney.

Here is the link;

Here is the blurb

Welcome to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Visitor Activity Survey--Mountain Biking!

We need your help!

This survey is part of a broader visitor activity survey testing new methods for gathering information to help us understand our visitor needs and preferences, and to inform experience development and management planning in our parks.

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Thanks done

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Whoever wrote this survey seems to know what they're talking about. Great to see.

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Agreed, great understanding of the subject matter.

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This is the best formatted survey I have ever seen. Really well done to NPWS for taking the issue seriously and going the extra mile to get meaningful and complete feedback.

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Best survey I've seen. I hope they do others for the rest of the greater Sydney area.

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Took aaaages, but worth it Smiling

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Done and Done Smiling

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I agree, the survey did take a long time to complete, but it was well worth spending the time doing so.
Hopefully the responses will encourage the NSW National Parks to develop more trails.

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When you're completing this, you should also indicate connecting routes you'd like to see, in order to form usable loops. For example, I wouldn't mind something where Google Maps shows a non existant / overgrown trail labeled Bare Creek Track east of the intersection with Heath Track. Joining up with Mona Vale Road roughly near Bunnings would help make a nice loop out of the St Ives single track, albeit crossing Mona Vale Road.

Also, no need to worry about revealing "secret" unofficial trails - they know about most of them anyway (eg, Route 66 / Bunnings Track has been known since 2010). This is your chance to get them authorised.

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Done...and banged on about loops:)

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Really good questions, best survey I've seen on the topic – well worth the time.

Actually it was fun to do the mapping – haven't seen anything like this before, very cool and great to see that NPWS is doing this.

We should share this with other groups and forums!

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If you ride DH, AM or XC in National Parks or other land in the Northern Sydney/Beaches area its probably unofficial, National Parks and other land managers know where all these trails are and Trailcare, National Parks and other land managers are working together to make them official.

Read the above thread, then complete the survey, see how many "markers" you can rack up on the map, it fairly fun, kinda like building your own massive dream MTB park

Do you love riding Bahai, Yermom(66), Blacktrack(bunnings) Mater Maria(Mona), Oxy, Red Hill DH 1,2 or 3 and you want them to be official? Place the markers where the trails are even if they are not on the map they provided, and place a marker where you would like to see trails that you wish where there.

Please take the survey here, we really need everyone to take it if you do, we may end up with one of the greatest MTB trail networks in Oz for everyone to come visit and enjoy!

p.s also join me and many others in being a paid member of and help the cause, its cheap and is getting things done!

Can somebody also post this on the main page or make an advertisement for it on Nobmob so its in everyones faces, its probably one of the most important surveys ever on Nobmob!

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Survey done and Trail Care joined. Laughing out loud

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Please keep posting up after you have undertaken survey etc, it helps keep this up the top

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I think this thread should be promoted to the Homepage. Rob?

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Excellent survey. Required a bit of time but I think it's worth it.

Hope lots of people are doing it!


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Am I too stupid or am I doing something wrong. When I click on the link provided I am taken to the survey page where I need to "request access code" then "submit code". When I click on "request access code" bugger all happens and that is the end for me. What is happening?

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I had issues dragging the icon to the map. When I did it the map started panning and I closed it when it reached somewhere in Africa. I'll have another go on the weekend

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Melonhead, I had the same thing when I tried to do the survey on my tablet. When I did it on my PC at home I had no problems.

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Just tried from a Windows desktop again, everything works

1.Click survey link
2.Click request access code (write down code, you will need it later)
3.Click Submit code
4.Read all instructions well, then close instructions popup(top right corner of instructions)
5.Complete all 3 sections Locations, Reasons,Actions by dragging the actual icons onto the map(please note you can only do this when you are zoomed in and the map says "ok to map" in green
On certain trails i had 10-15 icons on just the 1 trail at the trail head or shuttle dropoff point, On some of the icons it will request more info, the more effort you put in the better the result.
That should get you started

One thing that they are out of touch with is they go on about if we like risk???, generally mountain bikers don't want risk, they want fun progressive challenge!!! Even elite freeriders generally don't want risk(they want to stay alive, and humans as far as i know dont like hurting themselves, kind of counter productive right), they ride within their limits.
MTB Risk is when you hit something your way above your skill level or you ride something that cant be ridden, thats where trail classification and difficult tech trail feature signage comes in.

This is why skills parks are an integral part of all progressive mtb parks/trail networks

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Agreed - great survey. Done !

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Do you love MTB? If you do, you need to fill this out

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Very cool survey.....

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Its fun, please do it today!

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Done, only took 10 mins.

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But took me a damn sight longer than 10 mins!! Map bit was clunky.

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Hi Guys and Girls,

After some discussion with National Parks, they agreed to insert some of the most popular trails people ride that they already knew about, but for some reason didn't include them in the original survey

For example descending trails such as Blacktrack(bunnings),Yermom(66),duck holes extension to monavale road, bahai (they missed the extension at the top), bmx downhill and many others

If you have taken the survey already please go back and click on the above link again and enter your code and fill in the map to your hearts content which now has nearly every trail (I'm up around 100 markers last time i checked).Please note, just click done,go to survey at the end and your done, there is no need to redo your survey questions. If you have taken the survey and cant remember your code please email your name and details to Teresa Wohlfart she will get it for you no worries

If you haven't taken the survey, please do so wherever you are in OZ, Especially if you live in NSW. If you live in Sydney, you have to do it. If you live in northern Sydney/beaches, there is no excuse...You want these trails to be is your chance..this is once in a lifetime stuff people

Please take the survey today

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Shame the map is so Northern beaches centric. I can't place icons where I ride.

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Hi all

Before people get the wrong idea this is Northern Sydney centric as it is a survey intended to identify the needs in Northern Sydney. While we welcome support from all this is not intended to survey trail ideas for areas outside of this region.

The reason for this is providing a high quality mountain biking experience in Northern Sydney in a
National Park was identified as a high priority in the NSW Northern Sydney Regional Plan for this region. Regional plans are prepared at State level in coordination with and across all levels of government. This is also mirrored by NPWS's priorities.

TrailCare has been meeting with NPWS discussing how while Bantry Bay etc would be great and is much needed, up 6-10km of new track does not provide an alternative to the 100km's plus of existing informal trails.

We also discussed that there are also plenty of riders who would help maintain and upgrade the existing informal trail network. This would help NPWS address ongoing environmental issues with some parts of the informal tracks. Just building Bantry Bay etc would not resolve this. We have been auditing the ongoing erosion from water in places that haven't been ridden for 5 years which will continue to erode if not addressed. A cheaper and better outcome would be for riders to fix it and ride it rather than lock it up.

TrailCare has been going bush walking with some of the green group people that were initially very opposed to riders in NP's to show them how the trails have eroded even without bikes on them, what could be done to fix them and how it could have been prevented in the first place. This has got many of these people very excited at the potential of reworking some of the existing network.

TrailCare has been lobbying to fix up the existing network as well as provide new track. We used peoples Strava tracks and other GPS to show the scale of where people currently ride between Hornsby and the beaches. This shows why just Bantry etc will not solve anything. We are too big and diverse a user group to fit on one 6-10km loop. We also showed that 6-10km would only be 1/2 an hour long for some people and up to an hour on average with the mix of firetrail.

In terms of official trail in Northern Sydney we have about 1% of the single track as bush walkers and are a similar sized user group .

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