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garmin/strava problems

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By GAZZA - Posted on 24 December 2012

My last 4 rides won't upload onto strava and it's only showing my last ride as the 19/12/2012.
My garmin says different and is showing the four rides in its history.
I've tried quite a few times and strava wont pick anything up after the 19th.
I cleared all history a few weeks ago on the Garmin so i know there's no issue with it being full.
Any advice please?
For those that don't know me. I work with wood and computers are the Devils work so none of this Gpx file and tech talk with me please! Eye-wink

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If your up my way in the next few days call in. Not sure what the problem is from your description but there should be a few ways to get it working again.

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Mayan, so the algorithms don't compute past Saturday.

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I had an issue today where it tried to upload my ride but ANT Agent gave some kind of server error. I got around it by going into Garmin Connect, hitting the upload button in the top right and manually uploading it.

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I'm not sure if it's the same on your model but I had that issue a couple of times. I would go into the settings and there's an option to force an upload and it would work fine. You will get duplicates of rides you've already uploaded but if you cleared the history recently it shouldn't be too much effort to delete the duplicated. Hope it helps. d

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You probably have a corrupt file which is blocking the upload.
It's happened to me a couple of times.
You can fix them but it's a pain in the arse. It involves emailing the gpx or fit file to garmin and they'll fix it then you upload it.
The easiest way fix it is to delete the corrupt file from your garmin.
If you explore the history fie of your garmin the most oldest file that won't upload will be the corrupt one.
For you this will be the next ride after the 19th.
Corrupt files are usually much smaller than all the other files.
Delete that file and the rest should upload.

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or try emailing the .fit or .gpx file or whatever it is to

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Strava says it cant upload the files as they're either empty or are duplicates?
I've cleared all history from my garmin, went for a ride today and it's not uploading or recognising my ride on strava even though it's showing in the history.
Anyone know how to do a factory reset?

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I had a similar issue with my Garmin Edge 500 recently. I followed these instructions including backing up rides etc. All worked well and the device is working perfectly again.

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