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What bike are you riding?

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By mabsydney - Posted on 29 December 2007

Hi everyone, I just joined and hope to ride with you guys soon Smiling

I'm interested to know what bikes people are riding and what you like/dislike about them....

I ride a Giant Trance 1, which I love, it's perfect for the 6 foot track, Mt York, Manly dam, easier parts of Red Hill, Oxford falls etc. But I am looking at buying another bike to hit some of the bigger drops and more DH sections - I want something I could ride in chairlift country etc but I don't want to go for an all out DH bike as I might actually want to pedal it uphill a bit! I am thinking Giant Reign X1.....I like Giant's as they represent a lot of bang for your buck, but I'd love to know other peoples opinions experiences on what is good for reasonable (but not insane - I like my limbs intact thanks Eye-wink) freeride and DH...



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A Surly Cross-check, certainly not the choice for everyone.

Reign X is probably a good choice, Others - Specialized Enduro, Kona Coiler, Cannondale Perp/Prophet

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Hi there,

I assume you want a dualie for these suggestions.

I have found my Norco Six 2 to be a great balance between free riding and XC work. It can take plenty of hits, and can still generally climb hills with most of the mountain goats we have lurking on this site. If I had the money, the Six 1 is a better buy in terms of components.

Check it out here:

If you want a bike more directed towards XC riding, you could try the Fluid. Or for more serious free riding (not DH), the Norco Shore is useful, as this is designed for most large hits. The more "hits" the bike is designed to withstand, the more you pay for strength in the bike components.

There will be others here that can give you the Cannondale / Specialized / etc experiences.

Hope this is useful. Smiling

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Thanks guys, will check out the Norco. My Trance already has XC well covered so I'm looking for something a bit tougher I guess. It's always a balancing act weight vs. strength & travel. It's good to hear what peoples experiences are rather than believing the salesman Eye-wink

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Little Ditty - the Norco's look good on their website......where did you buy?

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I bought mine from Bike shed @ mortdale ( - 2500 reduced from 3500 rrp for an 07 six 1... imho they are the guys to see

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