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Camelbak anyone?

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By Tristania - Posted on 08 January 2013

Hey guys,

Just a brief message as to racing gear. I currently have a 3L camelbak which I give a good thumping to, and is perfectly good. It has a good zip up compartment and a food pouch etc, and is great for the full day rides and walks, etc.

However, in a race setting, I think it might be a bit bulky, and am thinking that I'd like something with fewer compartments (just one small pouch for a couple of tools) as I'd put food and sunglasses in my rear pocket. I am reluctant to buy a new bladder itself though, and was wondering if anyone know where I may be able to obtain a much simpler camelbak case (minus the bladder) for much cheaper, or what type of pack would be optimum for racing (Primarily 100km ones).
Or if anyone has any old ones lying around, I'd be keen to negotiate a price for it if so inclined.

Cheers, Tristan Smiling

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I bought one of these nearly two years ago and other than changing the bite valve to a proper camelbak one (from ebay), it's been perfect.

There's only one compartment, it has enough room for a spare tube, pump, multi tool and phone. You could get a bit more in but it would be a squeeze. It's only two litres though, I'm not sure if that would be enough for a 100km race but coupled with a bottle on your frame, you should be fine.

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I also bought a couple of those for the kids from Anaconda a year or so back, I too put on camelback bite valves immediately, the bags are pretty good but the standard valves are rubbish.

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These are relatively cheaper than other places to purchase Camelbak. Three litre Classic $70.

I have three C/baks, two classics, 3 ltr and 1.5 ltr and a 3 ltr Lobo. The former i use for events as the Classic is a minimal style that carries bugger all and has one pocket for keys, phone and money. Tools i carry on the bike. I use the classic for 50 to 100k events and the Lobo for general riding.

You may be lucky to find a bag, but if not having a spare bladder I found useful. The Classic would be the style for events but don't carry tools in it, use a saddle bag/pouch.


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I have had a lot of packs over the years, the Lobo is the most versatile Camelbak, but this is the best I have had. The bladders are unconventional (if you use the Deuter ones) but the valve is better than the Camelbak and it has a cover also. The straps are superlight and open mesh so for endurance races minimal sweat buildup underneath shoulders, chest and waist straps.
Several mountaineering places down Kent St in Sydney stock them.

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