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OMV is NOW CLOSED for 3 weeks

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By Winco - Posted on 12 January 2013

OMV is NOW CLOSED for 3 weeks until the official opening takes place. This is the official council notice.

Hornsby Shire Council
Information Notice 11.01.2013

The Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail official opening is proposed to take place in around 3 weeks time.

Until the trail is officially opened, workers may be present on the trail and have right of way. Public use of this trail is currently NOT PERMITTED. This closure applies to all GREEN, BLUE & BLACK trails.


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Hi... does anyone know what date this track is being officially opened?

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Its OPEN Smiling

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You blinked and missed it Ruthy now open unless wet

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Okay, thanks for that... still getting the hang of all this.

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Always better to ask then potentially waste a car trip.

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