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Coach Rd Wolgan Valley

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By Flynny - Posted on 30 December 2007

This is a classic ride with some options.
We rode it one way, getting our better halves to meet us at the bottom for a picnic and a lift out.
A round trip is possible a a longish 1 day ride, but if you are coming from further afield a better option would be to camp in the valley. It's a lovely spot and there is plenty to do and explore down stream

The ride can be started at Bell Station or Mt Victoria for a longer option but we started in Lithgow.
This means a bit of haul up the Drift but it's worth it... Or so I kept telling myself on the way up.

You start by head out along the Glow Worm Tunnel Road.

From the Bungleborrie Picnic ground at close to 1200m elevation it's basically all down hill, with a few ups to keep you honest. But as the road follows and old railway easement there is nothing too drastic.
At about the 30km make you leave the GWT rd and veer right onto the Coach road. 5km of gentle DH fire road ensues to you reach the locked gate.

The gate is to control the amount of 4x4 traffic. There has been a lot of up grades done on this section of raod in recent years and what use to be a hectic blast down washed out rock steps is now a blast down hard pack dirt with large, overly steep waterbars.

The Pagoda country this traverses is absolutely awesome. But be careful, the road starts to get steep again as it drops down through the pagodas and just around the corner is another locked gate. From here it's more fast and furious down through sweeping corners and over waterbars. This really is a fun section of trail.

Just after it drops through he cliff line the Coach road rejoins the railway easement. Here you have more option. For a round trip the easiest way out is to turn left and follow the railine up through the Glow Worm tunnels (Take a torch). For a different round trip head down past the former coal mine, cross the creek and follow the main road out.

Our option was to head right. A walking track follows the old railline down into the valley. This crosses sections of private property and as no vehicular access. Some slower technical riding is had by taking this track. It is interspaced with a bit of carrying as you have to negotiate 4 major washed out gullies and there are also a lot of fallen tress on this stretch that you need to scramble over. But worth it

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