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Manly Dam Lap from this morning

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By staffe - Posted on 13 January 2013

Accompanied by a home recorded sound track

Tried my windsurfing boom mount on the bike in a few different locations and angles.


[Mod. moved to video]

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I picked up a few different lines watching that, between you and the bike you're certainly eating up some of the obstacles that kill me dead

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Interesting line down the 19th hole. I haven't seen that one used before.

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Not exactly sure what the 19th hole is but I guess it is where I catch up to a guy and take a little short cut to get past?

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That's it. The line you took used to be the correct C line until people started rippin up the vegetation to form the currenr sheep line.

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By the way, if that's a bar mounted GoPro, you'll have less trouble with ir shifting on the bars i you hang it upside down and use the image inversion option in the.main menu.

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I had it mounted on the stem and the front fork inner tube but upside down on the handle bar would be good and also keep it tucked away a little to keep it safe when I stack.

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