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SRAM Singletrack Mind Series Round 5

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By Fi - Posted on 22 January 2013

Sunday, 24 November, 2013 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kinross State Forest
Meeting Point: 

The city of Orange is around 4 hrs from Sydney and 3 hrs from Canberra. Kinross State Forest is situated on the northeast edge of town, a 10 minute drive or 20 minute ride from the Orange town centre.

Meet at the Bulgas Road carpark, Western edge of the forest.

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The SRAM Singletrack Mind Series features five mountain bike endurance events, of 7 or 8 hours duration. They will take you to five different locations in NSW, each one renowned for its flowing singletrack and fun factor.

Kinross in Orange was a highly anticipated opener for 2012 so it's fitting that it becomes the Series Finale in 2013. The Central West Off-Road Bicycle Club trail fairies are looking forward to hosting the celebration of another great Series of racing!

Who's in?
Fi, GAZZA, Damien, Dicko, doc, sly_artichoke, hathill, Ian_A, stephen, Barnsy, skipper_nz, grantd, Mitch_786 (13 riders)
Fi GAZZA Damien Dicko doc sly_artichoke hathill Ian_A stephen Barnsy skipper_nz grantd Mitch_786
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Dicko SXC Racing - The Season Finale Finished 16 07:22:08 7 1

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I'm getting excited. The track was riding well before this rain, but this will bed it in nicely.

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Some recent videos of some bits of the race loop to get you all excited:

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Looks amazing!

Big question for anyone on the coast thinking of heading out your way for this: are the tracks in good shape and is it going to be dry?

Weather has given us a beating last couple of weeks Sad

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The Kinross tracks are quite good at the moment, we had a bit of rain about a week ago that settled down a bit of dust nicely (weather obs here ).

Even if we get 40mm or more this week the tracks would be better for it I think, though we never get the amount of rain that weatherzone predicts.

Forecast here:

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Another awesome day put on by Chocolate Foot!! The tracks at Kinross were awesome, lots of flowing singletrack with plenty of climbing! You could tell there was a fair bit of climbing each lap, but it wasn't until we checked out my Garmin afterwards that we realised how much there was.....2400m of gain in 104km of riding! Not too ridiculous out on a road bike, but certainly leg-burning on a mountain bike! That 1km run down into the transition area was an awesome way to finish the lap and made the climbing all worth it.....more than a few people got carried away with the excitement and washed out on one of the corners in the transition area! At least there were plenty of people at hand to check they were ok/heckle them Sticking out tongue.

Having competed in three of the previous four rounds we were sitting in 4th place in the series pointscore for Open Male Pairs, with a chance of sneaking onto the podium if one of the top 3 didn't turn up to play. Alas, they all did turn up and gave us a mountain biking lesson (especially the Onya Bike guys!). We ended up 8th on the day and held onto 4th spot for the series....not bad for a couple of converted Triathletes in our first season of mountain biking!

Highlight of the day was seeing a team perform their transition, only to have the incoming rider yell out to the outgoing rider "Where the f*&k is your helmet?????".....cue sharp U-turn and a return to the team tent to pick up his helmet!!

We have loved every minute of the series, and will definitely be back next year. It couldn't recommend these events more highly, Fi and Joe are to be commended for all the work they put into putting on a great series. There is such a great atmosphere at the events and the attitude of the whole mountain biking scene is awesome. We took great pleasure in wearing our Warringah Tri jerseys and getting a good ribbing from the Manly Warringah Cycling Club blokes Sticking out tongue.

Chris (Team WTC)

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Oh, and the Kinross tracks were in great condition, but could have done with a bit of rain to suppress the dust!!! That being said, most of the corners and berms held up much better than Welby, you weren't constantly trying to catch your front wheel from washing out!! The guys from the local MTB club have done a great job of building a really nice network of singletrack!

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