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Wanted: Cable Cutters

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By Jonathan - Posted on 27 January 2013


Looking for a set of cable cutters. new or second hand doesn't matter as long as there half decent and in good nick. I need to trim my hydro hoses. Just let me no what you want for them.


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Hi Jonathan

I don't have a spare set to sell you only advise. It's not worth skimping on a cheap set. I went through 3 pairs till I ended up getting the ones I have. I can't imagine anyone selling a pair that works to be honest. Do make sure they are specific for cycles too.

Mine are Pedros, but the Park tool ones are nice as well. I trust both of these brands now and they generally have a good rep. It would be hard to find them second hand I would think, they don't wear out easily.

Not trying to be a smart arse, just trying to offer helpful advise.

You are welcome to borrow mine if you want.

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. What your saying makes sense thou. I went into an lbs the other day to have a look at a pair and they wanted $50.00 for a mediocre pair so i guess i will be going elsewhere, ive seen the park tools ones for around the 40-45 mark so that might be worth a go.


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I've just borrowed cutters, and the bloke that owns them, to trim my hydro's and gear cables.
Would be handy to have my own set, but its also good to have a hand to set things and get the adjustments right.

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