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Best cruising ride for ages

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By Black Flash - Posted on 30 January 2013

Decided to bite the bullet on what could be the muddiest ride to date... Perimeter / long trail after 200mm of rain 2 days ago. The organised full moon ride was postponed to next week, but I was still keen. Dragged out the old Raven, not wanting to bugger up the gear on my premier ponies.
The Raven is my bomb proof, carbon fibre framed bike teamed with triple clamp forks and running full xtr. She's old, heavy (by today's bikes) but OMG! It's still the most comfortable bike ive ever ridden. Still goes up all the hills (including the nasty hill at the end) and smoothes the downhills. Shifting in the damp was flawless. Not bad for old school.
No strava records or hot laps, just an appreciative ride of the great trails we have on our doorstep.
Great ride!!

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