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Beginners Saturday 6th May and Sunday 7th May

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By lizzoi - Posted on 03 May 2006

Hi all,

I am planning semi-beginners rides for this Sat and Sunday.

Saturday 6th May Cascades - start 8.30am meet at the end of Wyatt St, Belrose. This will be about 2.5 hours and will require some fitness as there are some VERY BIG HILLS (be warned!). But not to worry. You can always walk up the big hills and it will help increase your fitness. This is mostly fire-trail and not very technical although there are some slippery/slidey rocky sections downhill and some loose sand here and there (but not as much as terry Hills).

Sunday 7th May Terry Hills - For those of you who didn't quite get enough of the sand last week, I thought I would go out and give Terry Hills another go. Meet at 8.30am at the Terry Hills shops. This ride is also about 2 hours and most of you know what you are up for.

Please call me 0408 112 480 if you are planning to join me, or leave a post for me here.

Non-beginners also welcome Smiling



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i am in for the Cascades

see you there

Sorry Liz - found out i have to work both saturday and sunday mornings this week - but i'll be interested in the afternoon ride if anyone is keen


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Hello! No, we haven't given up yet!
If there are any wussy pussy people who want to join Kristina and I we are going to Terrey Hills on Saturday morning - we are going to start at 8 from the shops - I don't know that I will be able to get her to do the 'big hill' so we may circumvent that by going out onto the road for a little bit - coming back in by the old nudist colony, then we will finish the Perimeter...


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The old nudest colony? Now there's some food for thought!

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I might ride the cascades on Sunday, but i'll be riding from St Ives, and I won't be going far (maybe just down and up), so I might see you guys.


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Hi Mitch, The cascades is Saturday (not Sunday). Sunday will be Terry Hills.. so we probably won't see you.
Cheers Liz

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Thanks for pointing that out.....this study is scrambling my brains :S


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I'm interested in coming along but wondering what VERY BIG HILLS means? I've done Manly dam and a bit of riding in NZ (many many years ago). As a starter would you recommend Terry Hills or Cascades???


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Hi Jules,

Through the miracle of GPS we bring you... (drum roll)... Terry Hills (recorded last Saturday by Fargs):

Versus Cascades (recorded last Sunday by moi):

As you can see, Terry Hills (Perimeter and Long Track anyhow) does what I would call 'gently undulate' - things are mostly within 40 vertical metres.

Cascades on the other hand is basically a load of trails along, up and down a rather steep valley. It has a vertical range of over 125 vertical metres and we often climb from the valley floor out 2 or 3 times on a ride.

Will leave the conclusion to the reader Eye-wink

Happy Trails!

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As a starter I would recommend Terry Hills. You might want to join Chistina's ride 8am Saturday morning... they will be taking it pretty easy.

Very big hills means about 1 Km of very steep uphill (equivalent to about 10 times the big hill at Manly Dam but not as steep), plus 3 big hills on bitumen that are very steep but short, plus 1 km grind back up to the car (not so steep but it takes me 20 minutes all uphill). It is a bit of a fitness ride.



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Sorry to say that the wussy pussy ride has been changed to next Saturday - I have to do some unexpected filming - at 8am no less!
However, Jules, if you fancy a ride during the weekend (not Cascades as I doubt I will ever want to deliberatly want to ride UP those hills) I am keen Sunday afternoon...I will probably be going to Terrey Hills or Oxford Falls, Kristina is busy so I will be on my own - my mobile number is 0414 534 141...
Have fun all you mad 'cardio' people!!

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All being well, I will be there tomorrow (saturday) - still with hte toe clips.....

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Hi Paul,
I guess your flu got worse cos I didn't see you out at terry Hills this morning. I don't have you mobile number otherwise I would have called.

I ended up doing the ride by myself as there were no other takers Sad

Cheers Liz

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