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Wanted: Balance bike

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By Scottboy - Posted on 04 February 2013


I'm after a kids balance bike for my 16 month old boy , I know there were som
e floating around here a while ago.....

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A bit more than $20 bit still pretty cheap. I bought the Urban version for my son's 2nd birthday, when they were still around $80. Sad

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recycle & reuse it is the way things are these days that is why we have a classified on here , now has anyone got a balance bike they are not needing atm ??

muvro's picture

Man, there was a wooden one on the clean up a few weeks ago. I didn't grab it coz I want an Orbea Grow (Balance bike).. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Smiling

Scottboy's picture

I thought you would have one by now Tark , since bubs is a few weeks old

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LOL, if I had spare coin, I would. hahahah

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Just get a normal one and temporarily pull the cranks and chain off.

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