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By christine - Posted on 04 May 2006

This morning whilst with our horses at the beginning of Cascades we met a lady who is on the committee trying to save Belrose from being developed into netball courts and houses - they want to take the top area where you ride in and also partway down Heath Track...they keep changing the amount of hectares - upwards of course!
If I find out more information and post it on the site along with a letter to be sent to the Council to oppose this would you all be interested in objecting? My sister runs marathons and they train down there too - we think everyone who does outside sports needs to band together to save such a lovely area...

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Has anyone seen this:

I'd like to know what can be done about this, and the Cascades area. They should extend Garigal NP to encompass all this extra space, no?

On that area top of Heath Track - this is very close to the boundary with the NP anyhow, very steep and close to the power substation - it must be marginal building land at best.

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Thats wrong. Does anyone know how we can stop this over developing occurring?

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Having been personally involved in attempting to have a redundant RTA Road corridor (bush) near my house at Belrose stopped from being turned into housing fail after 14 years of protesting at all levels.

And now also knowing the background history of the netball associations search for a new "mega ground", with personal guarantees from the Warringah Councils "state government appointed boss", Dick Person (his real Name) to find them a new home I would rate any attempt to stop it as futile. This site is there last hope.

But then again I'm a broken man Sad

Greg (Pikey)

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You must live on the 'abandoned corridor' do you? They have wanted to build there for so long...bas%*ds
What I don't get about the netball people is, why can't they change the structure of the competition so they are like all the rest of the sports, soccer etc and have different venues around the penninsula? That way all the local kids can practise on thier local courts, no one loses their ovals or bush and no one poor suburb gets saturated each week...
I understand you feel like a 'broken man' but their first choice was actually St Ives Showground, they wanted to take over more than half of it and a girlfriend of ours did save it...
There must be hope...
Alan Jones helped save Beacon Hill HIgh School Oval...maybe the netball could go to beacon hill high school instead! hee hee

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