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10 speed for an old bike

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By bmar560 - Posted on 11 February 2013

So I have an old hardtail that I converted to a single speed.
Now that I have excess gear from my main duallie MTB, I'd like transfer the drivetrain to the hardtail.
The issue that I have is that I keep finding that the gear jumps all over the place, even tried it with a new chain.
The same wheel/cassette combo will work fine with my other bike.

The old hardtail was originally an 8 speed bike. Are the rear-der mounts different in any way compared to a 10 speed bike ?

What could be the issue, I'd like to give it a go one more time before I give up and bring it to my LBS ??

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Sticky cables
Worn cassette new chain or vice versa
Different cassette offset to previous and haven't yet adjusted derailleur end points to suit
9 spped chain?

Sticky cables is the most common cause on an otherwise properly adjusted system. You can try cleaning but ive rarely found it is good for long. Usually replacement is required.

If replacing, do it right and you need only do it once: get Gore ride-On sealed cables. Good for 12 months of maintenance free riding in all sorts of crappy weather Smiling

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Check the drop out isn't bent. Shouldn't make a difference if it's an 8 speed bike or not.

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Make sure the cassette rings are not bent.

High low limiters are adjusted correctly on the rear deraileur.

You can try dripping some chain lube into the cable housing.

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it no doubt goes without saying but Muvro's comment would extend to the derailleur hanger - pretty easy to bend and a bent hanger would do pretty much exactly what you're describing

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Yup, you guys that said the hanger is bent are 100% correct.
Old steel frame with non-replaceable hanger meant a trip to the LBS. Once straightened out, it's perfect Smiling happy days

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