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By Rob - Posted on 08 May 2006

2006 course profile from my MotionBased activity.

Elevation Gain/Loss is 2,194m - I split their 4m error Eye-wink

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What the bloody hell was that first climb? Peddling or mountain climbing? 250 vertical over about 3km, did you have to walk much of it? Looking forward to all your reports- Good on ya's

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Yeah, the two large climbs were both hike-a-bike jobbies.

The second one was advertised as such (guessing even the pros didn't ride it) and was where we rode down after loop 1 last year. The first climb was that from loop 3 last year and might be almost do-able if you were super fit and riding with super sticky tires.

By comparison, the 100m or so climb just after 50Km stage out of Ten Mile Hollow was a complete breeze.

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I walked the first hill, and a few others after that. But then I did to it on a single speed - the light bike made the pushing easier.

I only did the 50k though and it was a bit disappointing, almost 20k of it was on horrible corrugated gravel roads, particularly unpleasant as my fork were rigid!

On a lighter note, I did come second in my category and got a prize - a T-Shirt and a pump. (only 2 stupid enough to enter SS)

Next year I'll do the 100 and look to shave a few lbs of my dualie.

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I know I was checking out someone's SS on the Saturday night and playing guessing games on how much it weighed.

Tell you what, I'll swap a hardtail SS for a dual suspension Reign anyday.

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does it matter how old the single speed is because I have an old road bike I am happy to convert to a single speed if this offer is open to all. Smiling

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of the 100km ride. Swap back after.

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I didn't get there until late Saturday night.

My Single Speed is a 12 yr old diamondback with a great chr-mo frame. I have to admit to being a bit of a saddo and weighing it on Saturday afternoon to see how much lighter it was vs my dualie XC Kona, the diamondback came in just under 11kg vs 14kg for the Kona. However any gains due to weight loss were lost due to being completely out of control on the downhills thanks to the rigid forks, and I try not to think of the corrugated gravel roads.

The only reason I got into SS was that my old bike had integrated canti brakes and 7-speed shifters. I wanted to put some V-Brakes onto it but could not justify buying a whole new drive train. I try and ride SS from Balgowlah to Nth Syd at least once a week and up and down Spit hill is great exercise, I can really feel the benefit when I get out onto the trails.

I have done a fair bit of research so if anyone has any Single Speed queries give me a shout. I also have a few spare sprockets.

By the way, the winner of the 50Km SS was Hugh Flower, the author of the yellow Sydney Trails guide, so no shame coming second to him.

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