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XT disc brake setup

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By StevieG - Posted on 24 February 2013

Just been fitting the new XT disc brakes I bought after much recommendation on here. Just a question for all you current XT owners - the Avid's that I've taken off had the contoured washers on the mounting posts to allow some lateral movement in the set up. Are these washers necessary/recommended for the XT's? I've put them on without them at the moment and they seem to be fine.

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Don't need 'em so long as you have post mounts or the correct IS mount adapters.

Just beware that by changing the height if the caliper off the mount, you may get a less than perfect match between the pad and the brake track on the rotor.

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They are the Avid Tri-Align washers which I prefer to call try-to-align.
Avic must have had a ton of them left over from V-brake pads and thouht of a way to use them up!
Your Shimano caliper will be way to high if you leave them in place.

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Haha! Try to align!

Thanks for the help. I've eyed it up and the centre of the piston appears to be over the right spot of the disc. Also looking down into the top of the calliper, the top of the disc runs flush with the top of the wear surface on the pads so all good I guess. Yet to fit the rear one - the rotor was missing the fixing washer out of the packet.

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I replaced my Avids with XTs. When I got a pair of Ice Tech rotors for them they did not come with fixing washers either. I assumed they were no longer used and fitted them up. They have been on now for a couple of months with no problems so dont worry too much about them.

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Those lock washers that pair up a pair of rotor bolts and you bend the tabs up. Don't bother with them. Waste of time. Changed/replaced more rotors than I can remember and never had one come loose. I do however run the thin plate that has 6 rotor bolt holes to protect the Aluminium center of the rotor from wearing as the bolts are installed/removed and possibly allowing the rotor bolts coming loose. Not saying it would wear, but I never running steel bolts into alloy parts that are in high stress areas.

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The thin plate is the one I meant - the one which has 6 holes to match the rotor and hub. Big issue if not fitted?

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i have got a pair of 760s i think they are (the first of the dyna sys models) anyway i dont have those washers and i have had two years of awesome braking ... so no i dont think you need them Smiling

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The thin plate with 6 holes is the one I meant too. I would have installed them if they had come with the rotors but they did not so I could not. No issues running without the plates though.

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If you don't have the 6 hole washer. Don't stress about it. But if you do have it, fit it. Smiling

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