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Want to Trade: Swap Garmin 705 for 500

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By GAZZA - Posted on 07 March 2013


As I don't ever want maps and don't use any of the 705 features I'd like to swap my 705 for a smaller 500 model. It doesn't contain maps but comes with 4 mounts.
I'd prefer the 500 to come with more than one mount as I don't want to have to spend too much on getting more for all my bikes.
705 is a few years old but is in good condition with no major damage and has worked faultlessly for the whole time I've had it.

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FYI, I was in Turramurra Cycles the other day and they had the Edge 500 with HR+Cadence for $245. At the time I thought this was a special price, but turns out this is now the official Garmin RRP in Australia on that model.

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And leave it to the gods?
Wonder how much the head unit costs by itself?

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