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New shock link for 05 Stumpjumper 120

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 08 January 2008

I have managed to crack the shock link on an 05 Stumpy
There is no replacement in Oz (according to Supreme cycles) and am checking OS- it can't be re-welded
And I don't think later model linkage fits (or I guess they would have told me)
I need the entire shock link that bolts between the seat stays and the main frame
Any suggestions on where to find a replacement?

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As a last resort GripSport may be able to fix it for you or fabricate something for you. Give them a call if you can't find a replacement, they do excellent work and are good to deal with.

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If so I have read good reviews about this company.


Oh sorry just saw the price, although I should imagine by the time you get an original replacement there may not be much difference. Still it lets you choose 150 or 120 travel Eye-wink

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And you know as well as anybody, Stuart, how much difference that extra inch makes (25mm for you young-uns)
It's not the price of these so much as the 15 days travel time (= 3 weeks off bike)
But at the moment I'm considering all options until Avanti rings to tell me they have a replacement to be delivered ASAP
You blokes (not just blokes) never cease to amaze with fountains of info

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can make all the difference between comfortable and down right painful, particularly on a long ride

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OMG... don't let cupcake see this - he'll be straight in there with an order for a red anno one! Eye-wink

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