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By xtc - Posted on 13 March 2013

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Todd, JP & all -a new subdivision was announced in the Gazette behind St.Columbas/St Thomas' school on Hawkesbury Road. See BM Gazette
This my impact on walking/ mtb tracks but also may be a good opportunity for some Bmorc input to have a link put in to fire trail to Grose Head Sth. ??????
Cheers BrianH

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This will be interesting....... Seems like a cash grab, but it said it's always been zoned residential so who knows.
3 access roads eh? Wonder where they will be?

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You beauty! More traffic for Hawkesbury Rd. Good on Greenhill for spotting that conundrum.

It certainly does sound like a cash grab, especially as the church is behind it!

This has been on the cards for many years. I seem to recall that one of the original conditions was that a sizeable chunk of land had to be given to NPWS to offset the expansion of suburbia. I wonder if that will still happen

I reckon one of the access roads will run off Halcyon, where the row of houses finishes on the left, where you head into the sniggle. Another one will prolly be the little dead end street between Halcyon and Columbas. Dunno about the third.

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