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Nerang state forest trails

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By bikemad - Posted on 16 March 2013

Just thought id give everyone a heads up about these awesome trails.If you were on the gold coast or near by definately have your bike with you!
The nerang forest is criss crossed with excellent single track,apparently about 40kms worth!!Think a mix of ourimbah,menai and appin.loads of really nice flowing trails with well built berms ,wooden(some very narrow)bridges across the creeks, log rolls and lots of nice natural features. There are some downhill tracks as well though not brilliantly maintained,more just a white knuckle ride down lots of big roots and baby head boulders but loads of fun!Ive been there 3 times now and have maybe ridden 10% at a guess.Will take some pics on the next visit...

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Is this behind the velodrome? I thought I heard a rumor a while ago that council were looking to shut off the area.

Hope it's not true! Ride on.

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thats exactly were it is,and no its not shut. Im a sydney lad usually but having being in the murwillumbah for the last few months ive explored everything thats within a few hour radius.Seriously,if your on the goldy for any reason,do yourself a favour and check it out . bloody awesome trails hats off to the crew that built and maintain them.

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From what I can work out there are only 2 legal single tracks the Three Hills Track and the Casaurina Grove Circuit and miles of fire road, however this time last year I rode some great trails that I didn't realise were illegal. There are apparently tonnes of illegal single tracks through the State Forest but finding info on them is very hard, in fact anyone who seems to put anything online is heavily attacked. Even Strava contains bugger all.

I was hoping to get the low-down from the local bike shop but being Anzac Day it was shut.

That being said the Three Hills Track and the Casaurina Grove Circuit were a heap of fun. I rode up 3 Hills Fire Trail (Centre Track) and then descended Three Hills (only a few small climbs). Casuarina Grove Circuit is fairly flat XC trail with heaps of small technicals.

A couple of days ago I also rode the Currumbin Border Track which is a fire trail that runs along the barbed wire fence on the NSW / QLD Border. I only rode about 4km (mostly climbing) before turning back. Turns out the trail goes all the way to the South Australian Border .. then turns left and runs all the way to the Victorian Border. Looks like you could do fire trail all the way to Mildura .. maybe more!

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... out towards Cameron Corner.... you'd need a Fatbike. Smiling

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