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XO Jockey Wheels

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By jackthelad - Posted on 17 March 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have a 10 speed XO RD
the jockey wheels are stuffed
but D ok
looking for suggestions on replacements
or where to buy them from
not looking for Blackbox replacements either
not worth that much money

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If the axle goes through the centre of both jockey wheels instead of off-centre on the top (bushed) jockey wheel like those stupid X-7 and X-5 RDs I've seen, I'd recommend BBB Roller Boys. X-O's should be fine if memory serves me correctly.

They seem to last a lot longer than the stock units, and they use cartridge bearings that roll much better than bushes and can be serviced by carefully teasing out the seals and flushing the grease out with brake cleaner before re-packing.

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BBB would be my choice 2.

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I've been using those Chinese alloy ones off eBay for a while. They don't wear like the plastic ones, I haven't found any negatives with them yet.

Something like these:

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