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Fox Float RP23 exploded

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By SCAMTB - Posted on 17 March 2013

G'day Peeps!
Went for a city ride with the kids yesterday, and came back to our chained up bikes to discover a large puddle of fluid under my bike. Investigation found source was my Fox RP23 rear shock. There's actually oil all around its position to I'm guessing some seal failed pretty suddenly. In effect I've lost all damping (it still rests where it should, but now just bounces like a pogo stick).
Before I went to sleep I googled rebuild options and saw plenty of hits come up so I wasn't worried. But upon looking more closely this morning I discovered all the rebuild videos, kits, instructions etc are to do with air seals, and the very rare mention of loss of hydraulic fluid seems to point to sending them back to Fox or replacement being my only options.
Does anyone have any recommendations that come from experience? I know CR sell new ones for under AUD$300 delivered, but would rather not junk my old one just because its easier.
An interesting note; it's recommended that the air seals be replaced every 8-40 hrs, depending on ride! Never touched it in 3 years and it always worked perfectly with only six-monthly pump-ups, and no bad leaks! Probably why I now find myself in this situation though....

Thanks, Simon.

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Your options are to just buy a new one - possibly Kashima if you like the look of them or have yours rebuild by Tekin or similar - the bonus with this option is they can tune it for your weight, bike, riding style etc.
I just had my RP23 DRCV fixed under warranty by SOLA (through LBS) because it suddenly leaked all the air out around the valve where it enters the shock body. Took a long time - if it wasn't warranty I would have bought a new non-DRCV CTD shock from CRC or equivalent instead of having it repaired.
Just make sure your eye to eye and stroke are readily available.

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My rp23 drcv blew around the valve also...maybe too much chairlfting dh or heatwave?.
Sent it by post to Tbsm and it was back within the week. Fully rebuilt, upgraded, tuned: nitrogen regassed to higher pressure to inrease propedal and shimmed (more float fluid) to increase ramp up at end of stroke. It rides much better now mid stroke and doesnt bottom out. Simon worked for Solar / fox and knows his stuff. He did a good job for under $200.

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Yeah I've seen them continually on CRC for 50% off. Good to know the eye-to-eye measurement thanks, probably would have fluffed that!

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I stuck my head in there a few years ago, was impressed as they are very focused on MTB. I just can't remember why I was in the area : /
As I'm now living in Enmore it's prolly not that far to drop it in person.
I'll mention you recommended them, cheers and thanks.

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