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Suspension Forks : Stupid quesiton

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By pembo6 - Posted on 21 March 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Do coil suspension forks usually make a 'psst' sound when rebounding ? The sound of air escaping (or probably rushing back in) ?

My old crappy Suntours and S/H Rockshox Dart never made any noise at all. But a new set of RockShox XC30 make the noise. I assume it is normal?

I know the XC30's are not a high level fork, but they make the Suntours and Darts feel like a rigid toy fork. I can actually hit bumps and rocks hard without bouncing and losing traction!

Thanks for any comments regarding the air/psst noise. I kind of like it.

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Sounds like its working properly. The noise should just be the sound of oil being pumped through the rebound damping circuit.

You will still probably hear this with the zero rebound setting as zero just means less damping rather than nothing.

You may not hear much on compression as there is a bypass. Although forks generally still have some damping for compression even if its not adjustable.

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What Simon said

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Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense.

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