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Wrist Protection

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By Jim_Lahey - Posted on 27 March 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey all,
I fractured my wrist at the start of summer on camakasi, did the works, both bones, displaced and tendon damage. Anyway after getting it bolted and wired back together shes all healed up now apart from restricted movement. I'm in the market now for wrist protection/support and wondering what people have tried? any recommendations? From what I can find there's the:
$25 cheapie EVS WB01 Wrist Brace
$50 Troy Lee Shock Doctor
or the fancy pants $200 Allsport Dynamics OH2.

Dont wanna get one for the sake of it, gonna need some solid support and will spend the coin I need to for protection thats more then adequate. Ive only been riding MTB's for over a year so not doing anything too gnarly (yet). The break cost me 2 months work and almost the bike (the missus still wants me to flog it on gumtree), any help on the investment? I'm thinking the troy lee shock doctor possibly looks solid enough.


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what size glove u usually take ??

i got a pair of evs wrister , gloves u can try on .. i bought them when artheritis pains starting killing my wrists. instead i take drugs to combat the pain . the gloves never been worn , but ur welcome to try em on .. i didnt like the restrictivness of a wrist brace.

ive broken my wrist too , ages ago , and ull find the bones heal stronger than before. and the prob is , ull worry about ur wrists , and then break a collar bone or something . (touch wood it doesnt happen ). mtb is an extreme sport , either slow down be carefull , or wear a sumo suit and bounce off the ground

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I fracture my wrist very badly last year - wrist smashed into radius and smashed radius into a few pieces, needed a plate and 9 screws. I was away from downhill for about 4-5 months

I got the Allsport Dynamics OH2 Lacer wrist brace (

The brace fits very nicely, is comfortable, allows all necessary movement and prevents unwanted rearwards wrist movement. I wear a glove over the top of it which fits fine.

The best thing is that it gives you the confidence you need to not worry about your previous injury and enjoy your riding.

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I've fractured my wrist twice - thankfully only avulsion fractures, and nothing too major, although each has required ~2 months off the bike and specialist rehab treatment. I now wear a 661 brace for some additional protection. The wrist specialist that I saw said that it's unlikely to completely protect against future accidents, but will likely reduce the severity in case I have one..

I've had a few offs in the last 2 years or so since my last break and have yet to break my wrist again - hardly scientific, but worth mentioning

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I wear a pair of EVS wrister's, they look kinda stupid but after a fall
from a front heavy landing I was glad I had them on. They aren't particularly comfortable
and I'm not sure how much they help, but as a confidence boost they do the job.

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Advice to me is that none of these things work in terms of reducing fracture risk - they simply cause a fracture in a different place

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