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Wingello... worth the drive ?

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By bmar560 - Posted on 05 April 2013

Hi All,

Seeing how the trails around Sydney will be in un-rideable conditions this weekend I'm thinking of driving down to Wingello tomorrow and try out some new trails there. Tried Awaba last weekend, good track but being only 11km, it's kinda not worth the drive there.

Are the trails down there easy to navigate and are there signs posted ? I will be riding solo.

or should I continue driving down the highway to Kowen or Stromlo Smiling ?


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I'm a big fan of Wingello - it's easy to stay on the track with good signposting. Maybe stop in to Ye Olde Bike shop in Bundanoon to grab a map. Only a few dollars, and might give you some peace of mind.

The red loop (most challenging) at ~25km is the most fun with some beautiful single track. Both the Yellow (medium), and blue (easy) are all fireroad, with the former having a few nice climbs in it

2 laps of the red loop is good for a mid-distance ride, and worth the drive down from Sydney

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Wingello is worth it. So is Awaba, you just do more laps to make the drive worth it.

For Wingello, just stick to the Red loop for the fun bits. I only venture out on the bigger loop when looking for more hills or training specifically for the Fling.

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Definitely worth the drive. I did a couple of laps of the red loop a couple of weeks ago and loved. Easy to follow the loop too.

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cheers fellas, a drive to Wingello it is for tomorrow Smiling

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Hope you have a good ride.

Can you let us know a status update as I'm planning on heading down there tomorrow.

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+1 Wingello is worth the drive

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So Mario, how did you go?

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Drove down this morning, had a late start and arrived at Wingello at 11ish so I only managed to do a lap of the red loop before it's lunch time (wife and kid in tow)
It was definitely worth the drive, although I expected a bit more singletrack. The firetrails weren't that bad though.

Jaw dropped after 4or5km into the ride when faced with "THE WALL", had to walk it up and bury my head in shame, first hill I walked in a while. Took the wrong turn once and ended up in the middle of nowhere Smiling but managed to find my way back. Didn't see any other riders out there and only saw one other car with bike racks at the car park.

Gotta get back there again to conquer "THE WALL" !! and will do at least 2 laps of the red loop next time. Garmin shows 515m of climbing in 25km, good for training.

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Awaba not wort the drive because its only 11km?

You are allowed to do more than one lap you know Smiling

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I have never ridden the wall ,and i usually detour around it!

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LOL hawkeye Smiling I did do 2 laps of Awaba, maybe should've done 3 to make it worth the drive.

Craig, if I knew there's a way around the wall I'd probably do that Smiling

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If you're going to Awaba then you can also call in at Ourimbah for a lap or two (or more if you have time).

Personally, it's a bit more challenging.

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I did a couple of laps of the red loop this morning. First lap I went up the wall and I'd nearly made it past the steep section when I lost traction, fell sideways, couldn't get my foot out the clip and ended up rolling back down to the bottom! Next lap, I bypassed it Smiling Next time I'm down there I'll have another crack at it.

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Went there on Sunday too with a mate.
Both of us race 'Elite' and I promise that its still not a given that we ride 'The Wall'.
I would say that The Wall is a great example of how a dually helps climbing as well as descending. Longer wheelbase, and increased traction of the dually is a help.
I rode a hardtail for the first time up there for a while, and had to climb out of the saddle to make it. Kyle was on a dually, and he was able to sit.
Too low a gear can sometimes be a problem though - causing the front-end to pop a bit, or wander. Try a slightly (if you can) higher gear, and you might make it.

The track down there is in great condition. As always really. Only two puddles to splash through.
Always a good wet weather venue...

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I thought the fire trails, especially the yellow loop was very sandy. Is it always like that? The single track was in great condition though. I just wish it wasn't a two hour drive to get there.

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Yeah - I think recently it has become more sandy.
The yellow loop that is currently sign-posted is only a temporary loop whilst the 'big' one is being logged.
I totally agree re the drive. Dont forget to get one of the best burgers in Australia at the village store / post office after the ride. Wonderful family run place.

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Is anyone riding Wingello any time soon?

I have only ever done the casual fling as the weather is normally stinking hot and i dont cope well with heat, but wouldnt mind riding some of the trails down that way while the weather is considerably friendlier

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