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Berowra Valley update for 07 May

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By justabuzz - Posted on 07 May 2013


The entrance from Hornsby side (Stewart Ave) is fenced. Seems like there's work on the trail. Don't know how much from the trail is inaccessible, but it's impossible to start it from that point.

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I'm pretty sure they're grading the track as recently I've seen a large bulldozer and part of it has been graded.

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The trails were pretty well graded last year....with construction of a new concrete surface on the west side on the old asphalt section.
Perhaps they are putting in more drainage works on the east side?

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They are doing something similar to what they did on the Dural side - cementing some of the steeper sections. I wonder whether the trail will maintain it's notorious reputation after they finish! Smiling

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The fencing was left open this morning but I got two thirds of the way down and had to turn back. They were concreting a section. They have also done a lot of grading.

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Looks like it might be closed for a while.

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He says that this work should be completed by the first week of June.

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