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By blackbetty - Posted on 16 January 2008

So im writing this from and incredibly slow connection on the way to tasy on the spirit of tasmania.

Just thought id write in and say that I will defs be going back to stromolo some time in the near future. We passed through on the way down as we had to make a detour to Canberra anyway and the old man and I couldnt resist having a look. Soon, having a look turned into gearing up and heading down the hill.

Unfortunately i coulnt really fang it down as i didnt want any injures for the tazy race nor for next months training in kapooka. So with Gazza in mind, i just rolled down. Also had a crack at the trials course but it has deteriorated alot and lots of the logs actually rolled away as i tried to hop onto them. the fourcross track is fantastic. you really have to either roll it or hit the jumps properly as i managed to go through 6.7 inches of rear travel as i cased one of the double roller jumps. Maybe i do need that v10 to cover up my mistakes!

Will let everyone know how i struggle through tazy!


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Ahh Kapooka....the memories. You joining the Reserves or full time?
At least it is only 4 weeks for Reservists now. Back when I did was the full 45 days of "fun and games".

Oh well if you need any tips then ask away. Better get ready to do a whole lot of mindless shouting, cleaning, folding, polishing, marching, shooting etc etc. I could go on but I may bore myself thinking about how many hours I spent polishing brass Sticking out tongue

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I could go on but I may bore myself thinking about how many hours I spent polishing brass

Is that a euphemism? Eye-wink

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i thought it may have been a metaphor
for those long lonely nights camping


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Well I guess you could call it "camping". If your idea of camping is sleeping under a hootchie (basically a camouflage tarp) in the middle of winter in Wagga Wagga when its about zero degrees.

Oh and theres not a whole lot of sleep too.......not when the training staff then stage attacks on your position. So crawl out of the sleeping bag.....try to find your gun pit in the dark.....flick off the saftey and start shooting. Go back to bed and its not long before the next attack fun.

Then theres piquet. Thats when you have to man the machine gun 24/7 in rotations. You'll love getting woken up at 2am to lie behind a machine gun for 1.5hrs in 0 deg weather.

But don't worry it's all worth it in the end Liam! Have fun!


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