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Broken Edge 500

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By GAZZA - Posted on 15 May 2013

I acquired a Garmin Edge 500 to replace my bulky looking 705 and thought it would look quite racey to buy some of the Barfly mounts, the ones that place the unit in front of the stem rather than on top.
While it looks pretty slick and works well on the road bike, its not so practical on my Mtb.
I discovered this when I smacked into a tree at a race and broke the connecting tabs off the mounting plate on the underside of the unit.
I've looked at fixes on the net and carried out the epoxy fix where you pour two blobs of epoxy on the snapped areas and carefully carve them to the shape of the old tabs with a Dremel.
I did a wonderfull job and was very pleased with myself only to find the new tabs both snapped off the first time I mounted the bloody thing!
I know Garmin do a replacement thing but was wondering if it was just for the original purchaser and do you need receipts etc or can you just send a broken unit in and they replace it (at a cost of course) without asking any questions?
Cheers in advance,

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Gazza, first they do an internet search to see if anyone with a similar name has asked about getting a second hand Garmin repaired.......

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Gazza, re the barfly, I've seen people mount them backwards on the mtb so they sit behind the bars but level with the stem. Looked pretty trick and well protected.

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What sort of epoxy did you use? Maybe try a different mix?

Did you carve the old tabs off completely before making the new ones? Sand or whatever the area to try and give it more grip?

How about trying with some other form of glue like hot-melt, or use resin of some kind.

Did your Edge look just like this?

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I've got some two pack carbon fibre epoxy that I might have a go at?
Did I sand it Rob? Come on now! Give me a little credit will you? Eye-wink
Yes it looks like that. I believe that's the link that gave me the idea in the first place.

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Find someone that has one that doesn't work or has the front smashed in and swap the backs. You might need a fine soldering iron if you want to keep your own battery, otherwise just leave theirs in. You'll need the smallest torx screw driver and some jewelers phillips screw drivers. (Small).

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My 705 died a watery death and the repair consisted of sending back what looks like a brand new unit for a bit over $150. No warranty receipts or proof of purchase required.

Give them a call... the 500 may well be cheaper.

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Is it Garmin Australia or is it in the U.S.?
Do you have the contact?
I wonder if i can upgrade to a 510? Eye-wink

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I must say - I read this and am amused at the trials and tribultions of Gazza's Garmin adventures...

Just as an idea - which I considered once - could you not 'make' a small disk from metal, in the correct shape, with tabs, and then screw / glue it to the back of the Garmin? It would be better than plastic anyday, and you could just use epoxy on the 'ears' to make the fit snug enough...

That being said, I have previously swapped a face and a base between two Garmin 500's - and its fiddly, but not impossible. There must be some Garmins out there with broken screens, water ingestion faults, or something similar...

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Located in Seven Hills somewhere

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I have similar experience with Garmin.
I shorted my old garmin etrex, send the unit to them, they gave me a call, pay $60 and they gave me a refurbished unit.

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I have the same unit with a few nasty scratches & little chunks missing on the rubbery bits <- hope you all enjoyed my very technical description...

Anyway, I was at a bike shop the other day and noticed they were replacing that unit with the new models. The units in the cabinet are just empty cases for display purposes only.
Long story short I have my name on the back of one and the shop will let me know when I can pick it up. I plan to take the "guts out of mine & place it in the "new case".

I'm sure there will be a few around you might be able to pickup.

I'll pop in the shop later today & see if I can get it from them. If I do, I'll be more than happy to pass on the back plate of mine (red & black version) if you're keen.

It's a long shot but it might work, I just hope I do better than I did with the VCR 15 years ago...


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Let me know how you get on.
No worries if it doesn't happen.

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