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Kiwarrak State Forest update for 16 May

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By hawkeye - Posted on 16 May 2013


A little looser today after having dried out... Tuesdays ride had very light "spitting" drizzle like it was wanting to rain but couldn't.

Did three laps but had to pull the pin when the lower back blew up. That's the price of being lax with core strength maintenance... the couple of weeks extra break forced by stcking my handlebar end-on into my ribs on Anzac Day has extracted its price. Sad

Great trails though.... i hope they leave the signs up, the loop they've put together leaves you with a grin thats hard to erase

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Oh, forgot to mention. There's a bastard of a creek gully crossing at roughly the 2/3rds mark that has two blue down warning arrows just above the entrance.

You wanna be in a real low gear before the dropoff or you'll stall big time climbing out the opposite bank.

Leave some room to the guy in front... I reckon theres likely to be an 80% stuffup rate amongst us punters thanks to an awkwardly placed tree root right on the exit apex that your instincts is to go light over right where you need to dig in the front and grind to get over the crest.

Took me three goes just to figure out the entrance line, and another three passes to get the exit figured to the point where i only needed to dab once ... Sticking out tongue

Hopefully watching the guy in front will provide some clues.

At least it's not boring Eye-wink

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That dip and rise is tricky. Luckily we had a great local guide and a few of us riding it, so having a few ride first helped pick the line. Its a great trail and heaps and heaps of fun. Must get there again soon. Did you do any of the obstacles?

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I was having so much fun on the chocolate foot track i didnt get to any of the others this time. Plus i was on my lonesome, so didn't want to take any risks. Only rode the log rollovers a couple of the little jumps and bridges but i left the skinnies alone.

Some of the other dips and gullies you need to just stay off the brakes and steer. Some of them take some faith to do that but if you do, they just flow with minimal pedal and brake input and momentum does it all, even the sharp right hander at the end is spot on - no braking needed, no awkwardly placed trees... Dave B-E is really doing some great work with his trail building.

Theres another really fast doubletrack section that has all the turns bermed just right.... except the last one that looks loose and the berm a bit suspect if not skinny. Didn't have the guts not to brake for that one Sticking out tongue

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He is a great guy. He showed us some trails we would not have found unless we stumbled across them. The berms, if its the same ones, we did over and over again they were so much fun. Did you you get to Labotomy? Its the amazing single track down from the top of the gruelling uphill fire trail.

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No, sadly. I heard it mentioned in hushed whispers when i was at the Cannondale ride day, might have to hunt it out when i have company

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